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Welcome to the Global Shop! - WindStrike - 01-20-2016

Buying and Selling
When you're in-between sessions or when you reach a Vendor, you'll get access to the Global Shop, which contains many of the game's Skills, Spells, and Items. To buy something from any of the shops listed above, copy+paste the BB code version of the item into your profile and subtract the required Rupees. If you cannot spend the required Rupees, you cannot buy the item.

If you want to sell something in your profile, simply refund yourself Rupees equal to its SELL VALUE, and then remove it from your profile.
Between sessions, you can Respec your character, meaning, for a cost, you can reallocate your Stats. You're also able to switch our your Affinities.
  • For each Stat Point you reallocate, it costs 50 Rupees.
  • Alternatively, you can freely reallocate all of your Stat Points for 2000 Rupees.
  • Affinities do not cost Rupees to reallocate; however, for each one that you have enabled, it costs 3 Stat Points.
Other Compendium Threads
The remaining numbered threads are not shops, meaning you can't buy stuff from them. However, they're important resources to reference during character building and quests.

5 - Races
6 - Item & Enemy Drops
7 - Signature Skills & Personal Items
8 - Artifacts