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Changelogs - WindStrike - 12-15-2015

Note, Orithan is also considered a developer of ZURPG, and as such, he has just as much say as I do when it comes to adding, balancing, removing, or reworking stuff, so feel free to poke him about stuff if I'm not around or if you'd rather deal with someone not as grumpy as me.

And with that, both Orithan and I are going to be posting up changelogs here in this thread. Any time we add or change something in either the races you can choose from or the Global Shop, it's getting posted here. Without further ado, here's the first one!

Version 0.0.1:
  • Defender's Claymore gives less Defense Dice on-hit and has decreased Dice Modifier. However, the Slash attack now does full damage instead of half.
  • All Claymores had their Stab attack renamed to Cleave. Thanks Lunaria!
  • Added Shadow of Twilight and Shadow Tap to Twili Active Skills, thus finishing them out, also thanks Lunaria.
  • Thanks to Orithan, the following races have been added:
    • Gerudo
    • Keaton
    • Sheikah
    • Haddaken
  • He also finished out Goriyas.

RE: 2.0 WIP Changelogs - WindStrike - 12-29-2015

Version 0.0.2:
  • The Spell Shop has grown in greater size, changed organization, and split among 6 posts. If you had trouble loading the page before, it should load close to twice as fast now.
  • Shadow and Spirit are WIP, hence why there's no code to buy 'em. Theoretically should have 'em ready in about a week, aka when we go start testing this system out.
  • Boost (Light Support Spell) can no longer increase the Magic stat, so you can no longer do the infinite Hearts recovery trick outside of battle.

RE: 2.0 WIP Changelogs - Orithan - 12-31-2015

Version 0.0.3:
Check out the Spell Shop for these updates:
  • All affinity bonuses now come in the form of Bonus Attack Dice for Offensive Spells and Reduced Magic Costs
  • The Fire, Water, Nature and Light spells have all been updated to reflect the new affinity bonuses.
  • Shadow spells are now buyable from the Spell Shop.

RE: 2.0 WIP Changelogs - WindStrike - 01-03-2016

Version 0.0.4:
  • Courtesies of Orithan, all Affinities of spells in the Spell Shop have been fleshed out! ... almost. We still have to do the scrap run, and based on the number of things in said scrap run, that's a lot of stuff still.
  • Rain (Water Support Spell) was removed.

RE: 2.0 WIP Changelogs - WindStrike - 01-03-2016

Version 0.0.5:
  • The Spell Shop is complete! Well, for testing purposes, at least. As we test, I'm sure things will get rebalanced and reworked, possibly some nukes and additions, etc. Either way, milestone reached, whoo!

RE: 2.0 WIP Changelogs - WindStrike - 01-08-2016

Version 0.0.6:
  • Human and Lizalfos Races have been added, though not completed.
  • The organization of said thread has been split a bit more in order to improve load times.
  • Prayer has been nerfed on both Din and Nayru down from $2d3 to $1d4 (or else it's completely superior to the spell versions). Praying to Farore no longer heals; instead, it provides a temporary Reroll Point. No infinite heals outside-of-battle yo.
  • Super Cover (Passive Skill) had its Point Cost increased from 5 to 6. Likewise, its Rupee cost and SELL VALUE have gone up.
  • Sephiroth has added the following BB code:
    • [Initiative] - Initiative
    • [Armor] - Armor
    • [Attack Dice] - Attack Dice
    • [Defense Dice] - Defense Dice
  • As a result, colors hath been applied everywhere. I'm not forcing a mandatory update on everything again, but if you like things looking more colorful, feel free to re-grab.

RE: 2.0 WIP Changelogs - WindStrike - 01-09-2016

Version 0.0.7:
  • Factions have been added! For now, it's just on Lizalfos.
  • Firekin Lizalfos is no longer playable, due to an emphasized focus on Fire, which kind of contradicts ZURPG's customization philosophy. They'll stick around as NPCs those. In its place, a simply Magic oriented clan has been added, the Etherscales. Still need to fill them out in terms of description and whatnot.
  • Two Spirit Support Spells have been added. Magic Bounce and Affliction Reset. Both were originally Active Skills in the old version, and both have been altered to some degree.

RE: 2.0 WIP Changelogs - WindStrike - 01-10-2016

Version 0.0.8:
  • Signature Skills are back! They are rebalanced and simplified a little bit, and if anything looks weaker, keep in mind the original version was at Level 20, whereas 2.0 is balanced around the equivalent of about Level 10. If I didn't carry a Signature Skill over from the previous version, it's cause I've been told by certain players that said characters aren't coming back.
  • Speaking of which, if you want a Signature Skill, you now get yours by default, so once it's written, boom you have it, no need to go through a ridiculous ritual of quest shenanigans to randomly acquire it. Poke me about makin' yours.

RE: 2.0 WIP Changelogs - WindStrike - 01-12-2016

Version 0.0.9:
  • Faction Rules have been clarified.
  • Knights of Light Faction has been added. I might add one or two more Active Skills down the road for them.
  • Stat Requirements were added to the Heavy Shield and Iron Boots, in order to prevent people with 0 Courage from taking those to maximize their potential with no downside, aka Min-Maxing.
  • Barrier Blast (Nature Offensive Spell) effect changed to instead make you gain 5/5 Hearts.

RE: 2.0 WIP Changelogs - WindStrike - 01-14-2016

Version 0.0.10:
  • Courtesies of Sephiroth, he pointed out a wording error with all of the Counterattack Skills, where it said "you can counterattack with any attacks listed on your equipped weapon"... which implies you could Counterattack multiple times in one move. The wording has been fixed to say "you can counterattack with one of the attacks listed on your equipped weapon". So if you have a Counterattack Skill, grab the update here.
  • The Signature Skills page has been updated to include Personal Items, so now it's Signature Skills & Personal Items. I have to check with a few people still about their Personal Items, but otherwise it should be mostly done.
  • Also, Sephiroth made our avatars circles instead of squares. My avatar is scary, ain't it?