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In-game time - WindStrike - 08-04-2013

If one were to say what the day is in ZURPG, what would it be?

It'd be different depending which land you're in.
  • Rather than months or years, time is listed by seasons and days. Each season has 90 days, though we'll probably only need to say what season it is.
  • Hyrule - Based on when Link defeated Ganondorf. ZURPG started 12 seasons after that (aka, 3 years).
    • It is currently the 18th season - Summer.
  • Termina - Based on when Link defeated Skull Kid and the moon was destroyed. ZURPG started 40 seasons after that (aka, 10 years).
    • It is currently the 46nd season - Summer.
  • Subrosia - Doesn't really have seasons since there's always lava everywhere all year round. Instead, it just goes off of Hyrule's time.
  • Romania - The year is currently 1594 A.D.

RE: In-game time - FireSeraphim - 12-22-2013

Windstrike I hope you don't mind me adding a small little detail to what the ingame time is but from Christopher Belmont's own perspective the Year is 1593 A.D.