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Non-Canonical Adventures in Zurule - Forgotten Third Eye - 05-02-2020

Space for Rent

Session 1 Synopsis
The party obtained the following from Lanky, courtesy of Princess Gilda:
  • 500 Rupees per person.
  • Two Ariadne Threads for the entire party — instantly teleports the current party back to Zurule City.
  • One Fae Ointment — prevents near-death experiences on a live ally, OR revives an already-dead ally to 3 Hearts.
  • One Blue Chu Jelly per person — gives a passive regeneration of 3 Hearts & Magic for three rounds.
Additionally, the entire party is given one Ten-Sided Coin by the DM. More may or may not be found. These coins will expire by the end of the whole chaos.
Zurulean Market (Consumables)