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Mega Patch Preview - April Fools - WindStrike - 03-31-2016

Due to issues with the game not having nearly as much depth as we’d like it to be and being far too simplistic, we’ve decided to undergo another revamp, because we know you folks absolutely love relearning the game from scratch again. Below is a preview of what’s to come!

Last Notes

Patch is expected to be live in about a week.

RE: Mega Patch Preview - Forgotten Third Eye - 04-01-2016

Because WindStrike forgot to include a few things into the post, I thought I'd hijack the thread post them for him.
  • Due to the lack of Level 5000+ enemies, we're adding in DLC to double, quadruple, and octuple EXP gain. We were going to add in DLC for multiplying EXP gain by 16, but the servers crash when it tries to run the code.
    • These DLC will not go into effect until you reach this point.
  • We now have Pudding as a Consumable. We don't know why or how it got here, but it is here.
    • Speaking of pudding, there is a high-tier pudding called the Ultimate Pudding. There is about 500 puddings per pudding's pudding in this thing, which is the equivalent to 200 puddings per pudding. It's that big!
  • Some weird occurrence caused something called Gamindustri to withhold Loftis. We're working on it.
  • Speaking of the above, you are now in war with other nations and can increase shares.
    • By default, you're all dropped into Lowee, except for Sephiroth's Sephiroth, who is plopped into Leanbox.
    • Doing quests can increase the shares of your current nation. This amount seems to be at random, and these shares also appear to make these nations stronger. By default, all nations start with 100 shares right off the bat.
    • As for information on the nations themselves:
      • Lowee - The default nation, it is pretty nice and there is a lot of beautiful scenery.
      • Lastation - Looks like your typical industrial area, it's always been like this.
      • Planeptune - The most technologically advanced nation, look at all those teleporters and antigravity!
      • Leanbox - This is a military island, might be better to stay out of it until you're a higher level...
    • Word has it that a new nation called Limbo is rising. We don't know what it is nor do we know its location, but it is something to be wary of.
    • Did we forget to mention that you can switch nations?
      • You can even visit them! Might get yourself bombard by some adventurers, though.
    • Each nation has a CPU and CPU Candidate. Except for Lowee, which has two CPU Candidates, and Leanbox, which has no CPU Candidate.
  • A new girl named Compa is somehow here. She's a nurse-in-training, so she'll patch you up when needed! She'll carry around a giant syringe when travelling.
    • She also cannot die, something about the coding from another universe. Though, the antics can be quite amusing.
  • The default simple enemy is now a Tree Rat. We have no idea what it is, but it's definitely a rat.
  • Apparently, there is a ridiculously tall tree on a floating island in the middle of Hyrule. It looks like it pierces the heavens too! Wonder what this is all about?
  • Everyone has to map out new areas during the quest from now on. This should make it easier to know traps and other things in the current area.
  • A new class called Gamer is included. We have no idea what it does.
  • Some enemies now drop a piece of their body part upon death, which can be eaten for some nifty bonuses. Ew.
    • On the subject of Wizzrobes they drop their soul instead.
  • Swimsuits are currently being added into the game. Due to a bug, just about anything can equip it. We're working on squashing that bug.
  • Doors will have a chance to swing open wildly and deal damage. Have fun!
  • Colorful Cows are now added to the game. Now you can truly taste the rainbow!
  • Chu Jelly is added, with a passive health regeneration. No, they don't stack together.
  • Dunknuts are being added into the game. Guess what they'll do.
  • New emotes are being added because they are rad.
Happy ZURPGing!