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Best of $randsentence - WindStrike - 12-30-2015

Thread title speaks for itself, so submit the greatest Kefka $randsentences you've seen!

  • 50 years ago, Erskine Gannon-banned the entire troubled population of Russia to help save the whales.
  • Unfortunately, Godfrey Gannon-banned fat Saddam Hussein .
  • After homeless Howard Dean volunteered in place of a creepy chipmunk, Garret denounced a happy small village .
  • Just before the movie, Jonathan turned into a scrawny orca whale and then fell 152 feet and was injured.
  • 50 years ago, Vincent snorted a bald monkey and a empty sewer cover was ecstatic about it.

RE: Best of $randsentence - Forgotten Third Eye - 12-30-2015

  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Udolf burned a slimy nun , but everyone would have rather seen it happen to sleepy Barney Rubble.
  • Somewhere unknown to all of us, Egerton impeached everyone to AbsentThirdEye's dismay.

RE: Best of $randsentence - WindStrike - 12-30-2015

  • In a court of law, Connor mulled over a anxious porcupine and changed the name of fast Happyman to Quincy.
  • Following a long demonstration against talented Bob Barker, Crosby obtained a alive woman as an insult to humanity.
  • Once upon Microsoft, Norris sniffed a gentle comedian with great stealth.
  • Under the influence of alcohol, Byron beat up a dusty bowl of wet fruit , even though a dirty trombone had already hid inside a ferocious-looking Web developer.
  • In a drunken stupor, Timothy said, "Did you hear how a colorful hottie headbutted the uninterested Vic Viper?" to the freezing wife repeatedly.
  • Attempting to raise money, Silas had sex with a vast kitchen cabinet with extreme hatred for a fair lemon.
  • Once upon a time, Willis made a cariacture of everyone (except cold Matt) and did it before a exuberant squeegee could react.
  • Once, a young man asked, "Who became several rotten college-aged girls?" In response, Nathaniel kicked a tart hammer.
  • Well, a clumsy llama declared martial law upon Link, and then Halsey impeached a odd toilet brush .
  • Under a lot of pressure, Wallace could barely tolerate the behavior of a splendid zebra .
  • Frantically, Ezra beat up some frightened traffic as it was an old nutty fogey's birthday and they wanted to do something homeless.
  • Forgetting basic morals, Elias wanted to kill a homeless slave imported from China during a festival celebrating the wet street.
  • This morning, Charles cuddled with a naughty sheet of aluminum.

RE: Best of $randsentence - Forgotten Third Eye - 01-20-2016

  • Disobeying the laws of society, Nathan tripped over some wide-eyed maple syrup respectfully.

RE: Best of $randsentence - Sephiroth - 02-22-2016

  • We fondly remember how Aubrey hit WindStrike with an enchilada to help support the U.S. government.
  • Unknown to the people on #zurpgchat, Leith could barely tolerate the behavior of a grubby walrus and then threw a comfortable Filet-O-Fish sandwich down a 280-mile shaft directly into the main reactor of the Death Star..
  • Well, some resonant Kraft American Cheese Singles ignited some misty cheese, and then Stanley inspected the plastic street .
  • Zealously, Lucas obliterated several moaning college-aged girls .
  • We fondly remember how Lyndon hit WindStrike with a little rock star .
  • Once, Kiefer hammered a strange piglet and then threw a ugliest zebra down a 280-mile shaft directly into the main reactor of the Death Star..

RE: Best of $randsentence - WindStrike - 04-03-2016

<SubconsciousEye> So
<SubconsciousEye> How was Culex
<WindStrike> too much for my blood
<WindStrike> Kefka all the way
<WindStrike> $randsentence
<Kefka> WindStrike: Last month, David wrote all over and yodeled at a weird rabbit .
<WindStrike> e...............
<SubconsciousEye> You sure?
<WindStrike> I think it's time I find a new bot entirely.

RE: Best of $randsentence - Orithan - 04-01-2017

  • Earlier, Eric obliterated wide-eyed Navi in hopes of bringing peace.