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Forum, IRC & Discord Rules - WindStrike - 10-21-2013

Rules and Guidelines for the Community Section
We are a small, relaxed community; however, there are a few rules and guidelines available for the community section here on this site.
1. Please use common sense
2. Do not harass other members
3. Spam tastes awful
4. One account per member
5. Respect the staff
6. Keep things safe for work
7. Keep things at least vaguely on topic
8. Do not evade bans
9. Do not post copyrighted material, illegal material or pornography
10. Embedded Media
11. IRC and Discord Rules
Warning System
Note: Only you and the staff can see your warning levels. To view your warning level and the reasons behind your percentage increases, click on the percentage in your profile or on one of your posts.
Minor offenses
Major offenses
Warning System Breakdown

Official ZURPG Discord Server - Forgotten Third Eye - 12-23-2015

Discord is a special software that allows user text chat and voice chat like TeamSpeak and Skype. It even has the ability to create servers, multiple channels, and has moderation options. What separates Discord from the others is that all the features in Discord are free to use. It even has customizable things like individual volume control and notifications. Discord also has browser support, meaning you can connect from just about anywhere with just a username.

Keep in mind that Discord is still in its early phase, so there may be some things going wonky or new features to be added in the future. You can find more information about Discord on its website here. It's probably not going to replace IRC anytime soon, but it is a pretty nice program if you ask me.

Enough about Discord itself, Sephiroth has created an Official ZURPG Discord Serverâ„¢, which you can join here. When you first join, you'll be in the #zurpg-general text channel, it is where we just talk about nonsense and have some fun. There is also a zurpg general voice channel for people who prefer to talk or something. Channels for session teams are also available, two for voice. That should be enough channels unless we somehow grow so big we need more session channels. An AFK voice channel is also available because some of us can't be bothered to disconnect from any of them and want to have a nice place where things are quiet.

That's all the information you will ever need, really. We shouldn't need more general chat channels, but they will be made if a poll allows it. Keep in mind that all rules on the site and IRC also apply here. Have fun and enjoy your stay!
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