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3 - [Shop] Items - WindStrike - 12-09-2015

Weapons (47)
Power-based (14)
Courage-based (15)
Wisdom-based (7)
Bows and Arrows (11)

RE: [2.0 WIP] 3 - Items - WindStrike - 12-10-2015

Shields (14)
Armor (18)
Robes (13)

RE: [2.0 WIP] 3 - Items - WindStrike - 01-10-2016

Tools (14)
Consumables (28)
Masks (8)
Misc (7)

RE: [Global Shop] 3 - Items - Orithan - 03-09-2016

Mima's Music Shop
Musical Instruments (10)
Songs (11)

RE: 3 - [Shop] Items - WindStrike - 09-21-2021

Twilight Shop (4)
Gravity Slingshot
Costs 1,500 Rupees to buy.
  • SELL VALUE: 750 Rupees
  • REQUIREMENTS: Two hands to fire
    • Having it equipped is Passive. However, the act of firing it still requires two hands. If you have at least 35 Power, you can handle the strain and fire it using only one hand.
  • DESCRIPTION: A bracelet with a pair of floating cubes nearby, and a magic string connecting those cubes. It can fire any One-Handed Weapon, Shield, or Object simply by placing it between the cubes, then pulling the string back and launching it. The act of firing it places great strain on the arm its attached to, forcibly unequipping anything you’re carrying from that hand.
    • Roll your Courage +15 dice vs. targets' Courage dice
      • Damage: +0
      • EFFECT: Add the bonus damage and effect of whatever you launch.
        • Warning, should you use a person as a projectile, they will take full damage from the impact.
Add Gravity Slingshot to your Weapons
Magnetic Gloves
Costs 500 Rupees to buy.
  • SELL VALUE: 250 Rupees
  • INFORMATION: This item is passive. Having it in your inventory is enough for its effects.
  • DESCRIPTION: A pair of metallic gloves that gives you the power to magnetically push or pull other metallic objects, dependent on the relative size between yourself and the object. Can use the Magnetic Push or Magnetic Pull abilities.
    • Magnetic Push:
      • Roll your Power +5 dice vs. targets' Power dice
        • Damage: None
        • EFFECT: If it hits, then as long as you continue to channel this, neither you nor the target can move or attack.
          • DURATION: Until you attack or defend.
    • Magnetic Pull:
      • Roll your Power +5 dice vs. targets' Power dice
        • Damage: None
        • EFFECT: If it hits, steal target's equipped handheld items.
Add Magnetic Gloves to your Tools
Sol Mask
Costs 2,000 Rupees to buy.
  • SELL VALUE: 1,000 Rupees
  • REQUIREMENTS: A Sol Orb hovering over your head.
    • Without this, the mask's abilities do nothing.
  • DESCRIPTION: A white, elegant half-mask that covers your forehead and part of the top of your head. On its own, it's just a fancy decoration, but in conjunction with a Sol Orb, it gives you some powerful abilities. Has the Sol Shield passively, and can use Sol Barrage against a single target.
    • Sol Shield:
      • Defense Dice: +5
      • EFFECT: Anyone with a Sol Mask & Sol Orb can freely move their Sol Shields between each other at any time. Multiple Sol Shields can stack on a single target.
        • However, a Sol Shield cannot defend a direct attack against a Sol Orb.
    • Sol Barrage:
      • Roll your Wisdom +15 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
        • Damage: +0
        • EFFECT: If it hits, disable all of target's Bonuses (except Armor).
          • DURATION: One round.
Add Sol Mask to your Masks
Sol Orb
Costs 1,000 Rupees to buy.
  • Amount: 1
  • SELL VALUE: 500 Rupees
  • DESCRIPTION: A ball of bright light encapsulated inside of a glass orb. Simply bringing it close to an illusion seems to dispel it.
    • EFFECT 1: Should the orb shatter, the light will be unleashed, fully illuminating the entire area and automatically dispelling all Illusions.
    • EFFECT 2: Additionally, a Sol will temporarily linger at the target location, forcibly expelling darkness from the area.
Add 1 Sol Orb to your Misc