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2.0 Stuff That I Need Help With - WindStrike - 11-20-2015

I don't need fully formatted stuff or balance numbers, so if you're not comfortable with that, you don't have to worry about it. What I could use, however, is ideas and concepts. All you gotta do is post up somethin', give a name/description, and what it does. That said, here's what I need:
  • More Zelda items
    • There's a distinct lack of them in this game, and that's kinda odd given it's ZURPG. Yeah, original work is cool and all, but I would like to emphasize its origins greater.
    • It does not have to be identical to the original item's purpose, since not all of them are gonna transfer over decently into this game's system. As long as it's related to the original, it should be fine.
  • Spells!
    • I've got the WIP Spell Compendium on hold, because in the meantime, I'm getting up a list of spells per Affinity that explains what each one does conceptually. Click here to check out the list!
    • You can make comments either in there (poke me to request access) or post suggestions in here, be it new spells, an existing one that's been altered, or changes to ones in there. Note that I didn't really get to Shadow or Spirit, but I will probably return to those soon-ish.

For now, that's all I need. When I shift focus to setting/NPC details, I'll ask for help on those, but for now, I shall gladly take suggestions on ze above list of things I need. Suggest away!

RE: 2.0 Stuff That I Need Help With - Lunaria - 12-01-2015

Too lazy to think of more currently, I'll add to this later, maybe. (remind me or whatever.)
Twili Racials
Shadow Dive
Description: You dive into an ally's shadow.
Requirement: For there to be a shadow, obviously.
Effect: You become untargetable by attacks, and unable to do any action. (Other than talking.)
-> You can spend a support action to materialise again.
-> If the target whom's shadow you hide in gets hit by a light augmented attack, you'll get forced out.
Description: we were thinking of something along the lines of hunter. Given that the Twili are supposed to be vary magic centric....
Effect: +5 Wisdom
+6 Magic
Shadow Sight
Description: blah blah blah fluff
Effect: Can see as normal in darkness, and can see through visual and magical illusions.
Another Zora Passive
Description: Zora's are super agile underwater, or whatever.
Effect: +5 courage while in or under water.

RE: 2.0 Stuff That I Need Help With - Nimono - 12-01-2015

Miyoa Racials
Magical Enchantment
Description: Miyoas have the ability to enchant items with the effect of a spell they know.
Effect: Select an item owned by an ally, and a spell that causes an affliction; the item now causes that affliction on the target of an attack using it. If the item is already enchanted by this ability, the previous enchantment is overwritten.
Cost: Half of the Magic cost of the spell, rounded up. (Min. 1 Magic)
Duration: Remainder of the battle.
Tail Stab
Description: Miyoas can stab an enemy with their tails to try to escape easier.
Effect: Roll Courage vs. target's Courage
Damage: -3
EFFECT: If you succeed, the target stumbles back, allowing you and your allies to escape immediately, ignoring the target in your escape rolls. If there are no other enemies, your escape is guaranteed.
Defense of Bonds
Description: Miyoas are very social creatures, forming bonds easily and quickly. Since these bonds are important to them, they will protect those close to them.
Effect: Once per round, you can assist an ally in defending against an attack; roll half of the appropriate stat (rounded up) and add your successes to theirs. If the defense still fails, you take damage equal to the amount your ally takes before armor.
Elemental Proficiency
Description: Miyoas are quite attuned to the elements; as such, they gain innate bonuses depending on their affinity.
Effect: Gain one of the following bonuses depending on what your affinity is:
  • Fire: You tolerate heat quite well, and are comfortable even close to magma.
  • Water: Your ability to breathe underwater is enhanced, allowing you to stay underwater for longer than others. / (OR) You tolerate the cold quite well, feeling even below-freezing temperatures as merely a mild day.
  • Nature: Your affinity with Nature allows you to slow your falling speed, and thus take half fall damage. / (OR) Your strength is enhanced to an incredible degree, allowing you to wield two-handed items with one hand as well as lowering Power checks by ##.
  • Light: You heal Magic passively while in strong light. / (OR) You heal Hearts passively while in strong light.
  • Shadow: Your vision is unhindered in darkness.
  • Arcane/Spirit: You can see and interact with the spirits still wandering the world, allowing you to talk to them for information.
Magic Sensitivity
Description: Miyoas' ears are sensitive to magical discharges and disruptions, and can sense when and where they occur.
Effect: You can tell when someone casts a spell.
The Passive With No Name
Description: Miyoas love magic, so HERE'S SOME MAGIC!
Effect: Wisdom+6, Magic+5
The "OR" stuff is for you to decide on, Wind; just throwing multiple ideas out there, it's intended to be one option per

(Will update)

RE: 2.0 Stuff That I Need Help With - Orithan - 12-04-2015


RE: 2.0 Stuff That I Need Help With - Orithan - 12-06-2015


Magic Boomerang
  • INFORMATION: This item is an Artifact
  • DESCRIPTION: A blue wooden boomerang blessed with the power of the Goddesses, giving it the ability to fly far faster than what it would normally do and to be able to siphon Magic. There are rumors that it is yet to be powered up further, but nevertheless it is an amazing boomerang to throw around.
    • Roll your Power +10 dice vs. targets' Power dice
      • Damage: None
      • EFFECT 1: Target gets one stack of the Immobilized Affliction:
        • Target cannot move or perform melee attacks. This includes Cover and Escape.
      • EFFECT 2: Siphon Magic equal to the difference in successes.
Gale Boomerang
  • INFORMATION: This item is an Artifact
  • DESCRIPTION: An exceptionally light boomerang, bearing bone blades and bound together with thin cloth, that gathers a gale of wind while it is being thrown. It can be Thrown at a target.
    • Defense: +5 Dice
    • Throw:
      • Roll your Power dice vs. targets' Power dice
        • Damage: None
        • EFFECT 1: One of the targets' handheld items are flung out of their hands.
          • The item lays on the ground. Anyone can then spend a Support Action to pick it up and stash it in their inventory.
        • EFFECT 2: This boomerang can bounce off and redirect to another target with the same success rate -4
          • This effect can not proc itself again.

RE: 2.0 Stuff That I Need Help With - Orithan - 12-14-2015

Shiekah (WIP)