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Hyrule - Hyrule Castle - WindStrike - 06-25-2012

Located just north of Hyrule Field, Hyrule Castle consists of multiple areas:
  • Town Market
  • Temple of Time
  • Training Grounds
  • Castle Keep
  • In addition, there are three gates and a port.

The majority of Hyrule Castle is taken up by the Town Market. Larger than Kakariko Village itself, it consists of the area from the main gate at the south all the way up to the northern port. Here you'll find a large area of interconnected houses, inns, shops, and other buildings, divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant is surrounded four guard towers - one on each corner.

Between every quadrant are wide roads that lead to the middle. A large fountain covers the center of the middle plaza, alongside a statue of the Hero of Legend. Here at the plaza are a multitude of shops, from weapons, shields, armors, and spells to many other things. Additionally, dealers will offer up quests and other requests to venturing travelers and heroes. It is often fairly crowded, though one can still get through without much trouble.

The south road leads to the southern gate. This is the gate that most travelers, caravans, shipments, and various other goods and people travel through. With a massive front gate that would tower over a tree, a moat that runs in front of the walls, a drawbridge, and hundreds of guards about the battlements, it may as well be an impenetrable fortress.

The east road leads to the eastern gate, which guards a cave path that remains a back route to Death Mountain. It's not as large as the front gate, and it doesn't include a drawbridge over a moat, but it still holds a grand vantage point if someone were to strike from the caves.

Just above the eastern gate is the Temple of Time. Arguably just as many people are traveling in and out through here as the front gate. This is due to the portals that have linked Hyrule together with Termina and Subrosia. You can read more about the Temple of Time here.

Within the northeastern section of Hyrule Castle lies the Training Grounds. This section was newly added after the reign of Ganondorf came to an end. Guards, knights, travelers, heroes, and even civilians can openly train here. Ever since Subrosia was linked to the Temple of Time, the Training Grounds have been under the tutelage of a Subrosian Poe called Shady. He may not seem particularly trustworthy, but he has the power of illusions - the ability to recreate anything he sees or knows about. This includes the mimcry of a large diversity of hostile creatures, down to their mannerisms and methods. Anyone that manages to defeat him in his Advanced Tutorials is granted a copy of his cloak.

The northern road leads to the port. After the sound of a massive explosion, scouts were sent north to see what it was. After the smoke cleared up, a large river canyon showed up, north of Hyrule. It led to Saria Town and a large, alternate section of Hyrule (Adventure of Link's Hyrule). Ever since then, Hyrule Castle opened up a port which allowed travel between Hyrule and Northern Hyrule.

The western road leads to the Keep, where the royal family lives. Another gate the size of the eastern gate guards the area. Inside is a roundabout pathway to yet another moat and drawbridge. From this pathway, one can reach the cave of the Great Fairy.

The Keep itself, including the royal gardens and the moat, spans an area almost as large as the Market. Here, one can find the living quarters for all of the guards, the prison cells, and the residence of the Royal Family. Though the Royal Family no longer has a king, Princess Zelda seems to be taking that role herself. Often times, when she is troubled by matters, she requests the aid of Impa, the guardian of Kakariko Village.

Fyi, the Town Market bears a close resemblance to the Town Market from Twilight Princess. However, the Hyrule used is still the Ocarina of Time version.