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Journey - WindStrike - 06-24-2012

Start of a New Journey
Three years have passed since the events that transpired during the Ocarina of Time (Ten years after Majora's Mask). Ganondorf is no more, and Hyrule has since recovered from the catastrophe. While the remnants of Ganondorf's forces still remain, they are scattered throughout the land with no true leader to mobilize them. As such, they remain simply to survive and harass.

Hyrule has changed. Due to the inspiration of Link, many have taken it upon themselves to rise up and become heroes. These heroes continue to defeat the neverending evil throughout the land of Hyrule. As a result, Hyrule has turned into a place that supports these heroes. These heroes have grown stronger throughout the course of time, possibly even surpassing the previous legend.

However, as heroes gain power, power breeds corruption. Some have defected, killed other heroes, and rallied their own forces. Relics have returned, and forgotten foes have regained the spirit to rise up and fight once again. Several events occurred, and Magic has become widespread, a force for any and all to use.

Rather than allowing a legend to pass through time, the Temple of Time has become a place that links multiple realms together. As a result, Hyrule has become the centerpoint for many related realms to intersperse. All of them have a legend of a boy in green that has saved the land from a great evil.

It is not just these realms that the Temple of Time has brought together though. Travelers and heroes from other lands have come to Hyrule, each for their own reasons. A balance has been created between forces of good and evil. But for what purpose? What is the meaning behind all of this?

That is for you, the players, to discover. I don't know what will happen. I may plan as much as I want, but your decision is what will govern the future of this story. Whether it's to discover, explore, conquer, triumph, exploit, venture with others, or just have fun, all that myself and other DMs will do is provide a path. It is your choice to pick that path or another path. While it may not initially be freeform, as the game develops with its characters and stories, the intention is for it to become as such.

RE: Start of a new jouney - WindStrike - 08-24-2015

Rise of Evil
Now four years have passed since Ganondorf has been sealed. In the last year alone, many villains have come to rise. Agahnim, the great sorcerer, has sealed the Great Fairy with his dark magic and corrupted the Fairy Fountains. From another dimension, the vampire lord Dracula is spreading terror with his forces across both Romania and Hyrule, and after an attack on the Water Temple and Zora's Domain, he now has the Spiritual Stone of Water, the Zora Sapphire. Within the walls of Hyrule City, using Ganondorf's now-submerged castle, lies the cult known as the Followers of Wisdom, led by Onok Orland, who's been subverting the citizens and guards of the Hylians using a powerful possessive ability. In Eastern Hyrule, a Keaton bandit king known as Thoughter has been taking over, spreading his Keaton army far and wide. He intends on building power to an evil artifact known as the Whispy Sword - with enough power, it could bring about an evil stronger than Ganondorf once did. In Death Mountain, a Goron filled with hatred has declared war on Darunia on the other Gorons, and will soon invade using Dragons and Fire Spirits. Amongst all of these villains, some operate in the shadows, manipulating others behind the chaos of these great evils.

The current rulers of Hyrule are struggling to face these foes. Fights have begun internally within some of these factions, leading some of believe Hyrule is doomed to fall, meaning the lands it connects to would soon fall after that. Adventurers have begun to fall against these greater threats. Belief in the Goddesses has faltered as they continue to seemingly do nothing to help. Many pray for a new Hero in Green to save them... but none has appeared. Hope is faltering among many. As players, you can stand against these evils...

... or join them yourself. The choice is yours.