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Changelog 6-1-12; Version 0.90 - WindStrike - 06-01-2012

Welcome to ZURPG's first changelog! We'll be calling this version 0.90 as things are still getting fixed. Changelogs will usually come out once every 1-2 weeks, and they usually just add stuff. Actual balance changes will be rare, though it is intended to occur once every six months. As this is mainly a PvE oriented game, the game will be balanced as such, so if things seem a little overpowered, that's perfectly fine.

Since the game is still in a state that needs fixes in a good number of areas, the changelogs for this month will actually be changing some things. Do expect to see a large number of items added as well. Below are the changes thus far.

  • Rules & Knowledge Thread --> Affinities
  • Storm affinity has been merged to be a part of Nature affinity. The counter is now Water > Fire > Nature > Water. The Illumination Cycle is still the same.
  • Inherent Bonus is now gone. Counter Bonus is now dependent only on your affinity. Counter Loss is the same.
  • You now get an affinity every 5 levels.
  • There are now Spell Requirements. You must have the level of the required affinity listed on the spell to use that spell. Having a higher level than listed will also work.
  • There is now a section on Sub-Types. In a nutshell, they're labels and only pertain to a handful of spells in the game. They also refer to what type of attack it is "visually".
  • Support Cycle is no longer in. Anything that used the Support Cycle before just uses the normal cycle now.
  • Affinity Effect Damage now acts like Counter Bonus and Counter Loss with some slight alterations.

Rules and Knowledge Thread:
  • It's going over revisions and re-organization, so if something looks out of place, expect it be fixed within the month. Hopefully, I'll be able to slim it down some more.
  • Horizontal Lines are being added as well. Should help with the look of it.

Critical Hits:
  • They are no longer defaulted into the game. Instead, you will be able to buy a Critical Hit Skill. It's a passive skill, and you'll only be able to have one at a time. This essentially allows you to customize how you hit even more.
  • They have not been added to the shops yet, but there are three that exist in my WIP lists.
  • Counterattacking is still as it is before. There are also skills that alter your counterattack. These also count as "Critical Hit Skills".

Item and Skill Limits:
  • The following will be clarified in the Rules & Knowledge Thread (not in yet).
  • Passive Skills will have a limit of two (excluding the Critical Hit Skill).
  • You have two hands. Unless you can prove to me otherwise, you can only wield two one-handed items or one two-handed item at any given time.
    • Your species' ability to do this will likely be a late-game ability, assuming your species can.
  • You can only have one armor on at a time.
  • You can only have one mask or hat on at a time.
  • And just like Link, you can carry infinite Rupees, Bombs, and whatever other equipment you have that's not actually equipped.
  • The Equipment Rule is getting its own little section. It will be clarified better for what you're allowed to do and vice versa.

  • They will all (when I get to editing them) affect the one emanating the aura. However, the cost will be elsewhere and be more hefty.

  • This is going to take all month, but the format of every item, spell, enemy, etc. in the game is going to change a bit. For example, go to this thread and look at the following two:
    • Offensive Spells --> Sparks
    • Support Spells --> Boost
  • The majority of everything will follow this format:
    1. Requirements
    2. Costs
    3. Description
      • Attack
      • Effects from result of attack and sub-points
    4. Duration of any effects
  • Not everything can follow that format simply because how that particular ability works. However, expect a lot more consistency from everything, along with a lot more detail.

Profile Organization:

  • See that horizontal line? The code for it is listed below. Try using it in your profiles to separate your stuff out. I'll post up an example version later this month, along with its code. It will be using updated items/etc.
  • [hr]

Things to do:
  • Convert everything in the game to the new format.
  • Balance things... well, most of that is done actually.
  • Add all of the items/spells/etc. from the WIP lists to the site.
  • Add even more of that stuff.
  • Add a ton of enemies for lots of diversity and synergies.
  • Re-organize the Rules & Knowledge Thread... a lot.
  • Revise the FAQs.
  • Come up with a replacement for Corruption.

Most likely, I'm forgetting some stuff in this changelog. Just expects a whole lotta updates and hopefully a much more functional and improved ZURPG by the start of July. If I haven't found a new DM within two weeks, I'll be stepping back in as DM, meaning someone else will need to be the co-DM. Just a heads up.