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Combat Tutorial - WindStrike - 09-05-2015

Welcome to the Combat Tutorial! Here, you’ll learn how combat works, from attacking and defending to rounds to effects and stuff! Relative to a JRPG, it’s about the same complexity, but to anyone that’s played a tabletop RPG like D&D or World of Darkness, this system should be easy to learn by comparison.

Although you can read this whole thing ahead of time, you’ll still be required to run through the actual session in IRC (channel #zurpg at irc.lunarnet.org) to verify you know how combat works so that we don’t have to deal with people that are clueless in actual quests, cause then it’s frustrating for everyone else.

1 - Actions
2 - Rolling Dice
3 - Attacking
4 - Defending
5 - Turn Order
6 - Effects
7 - Charge-Up Moves
8 - Exam
9 - Completion