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World Name - WindStrike - 08-25-2015

Right now, the name of the world that the Zelda lands exist on is called Rosia, based off the name Subrosia. Though, it really doesn't fit as a Zelda sounding name, plus there really isn't that much connection between a rose and ZURPG. That said, here's some suggestions after chatting with some folks:
  • Fayrdin:
    • A mix of the Three Goddesses. Farore, Nayru, Din
  • Fayrdrin:
    • A slightly altered version of that.
  • Lordana:
    • Based off the name of one of the four Light Spirits, Ordona.

I'm not putting this up to a vote yet, but please comment on these and if you want to suggest your own, go ahead!

RE: World Name - FireSeraphim - 08-25-2015

What about "Terra Hylia"? after the goddess Hylia from Skyward Sword?

RE: World Name - WindStrike - 08-25-2015

Related to Terra Hylia, someone fired the idea of Hyrulia... not sure what to think about that one, but it's a thought.

RE: World Name - Sephiroth - 08-25-2015

In all seriousness, I'm drawing a blank...

RE: World Name - Forgotten Third Eye - 08-25-2015

All I could think of is that darned Terrulia, place needs better guards!

Edit: Alternatively, there is also Terrulsia, for lulz.

RE: World Name - Lightwulf - 08-26-2015

"Terra Hylia" sounds good to me.

We want something related to "Earth" without using the exact same name.  The only problem is that "Earth" is also used when referring to rocks and dirt...

Maybe "Terra Hylia" could be the scientific name, and something like... like... "Mirth"? ... could be the name of the world itself.  ...  Sound too cheesy?  Well, consider these: "Hylith", "Zarock 3", "Fayurn"

I'll post more ideas if I think of them.

RE: World Name - WindStrike - 08-26-2015

Something else that was suggested (I think by Darklink) was literally calling it Light World. While I do eventually have a Dark World concept planned for down-the-road... it's not exactly a large scale thing, so I'm not sure what to think of it.

EDIT: Also got a suggestion from someone to call it Triferia.
EDIT 2: Another one to call it Loftis.
EDIT 3: One more from me, Elia. Sephiroth mentioned something about wanting a name that rolls off the tongue easily, so I altered the name Ilia (from Twilight Princess) slightly.

RE: World Name - Orithan - 08-27-2015

Elia sounds like the best candidate. Rosia is pretty good but the connection with Rosa makes it a bit off.

RE: World Name - WindStrike - 09-02-2015

I've turned this into a poll. Given the number of options, I've made it so you can pick up to three different options, and then in about 4-5 days, I'll run another poll that's single-vote on the top three picks.

... unless there's one that's super voted for in the first poll. Anyhow, vote away, folks, and make sure if you pick "Other" that you suggest the name!

RE: World Name - WindStrike - 09-06-2015

Okay, top three votes belong to Fayrdin, Loftis, and Elia, so I'm callin' a revote on the poll. Loftis had the most votes before, but since a good number of votes were removed by removin' the less popular choices, I'm still leavin' the world name up for debate a bit.
  • Fayrdin - Combination of the Goddesses' names
  • Loftis - Based on Skyloft, from Skyward Sword
  • Elia - Alteration of the name Ilia, character from Twilight Princess.
I'll be holding this vote open again for another 5 days and then wrap it up Thursday night.