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[Villain] RIP Onok Orland - WindStrike - 08-24-2015

Followers of Light
Orland was once leader to a large religious group in the Hylians known as the Followers of Light. He led the group alongside his brother, Rauru, both of which were rumored to be part of the Seven Old Wise Men. One of the two would become the next Sage, though of the two, it seemed people favored Rauru the most. Orland was jealous, but he didn't let his jealousy turn to hatred... yet.
General Onox
A power-hungry general by the name of Onox assaulted Hyrule one day, bringing with him dark knights that destroyed everything in their path. With the Ordon District taking of half of Hyrule Field at the time, it was unfortunately the first victim. It was also Orland's hometown. Most of the district was ravaged before the Hylian Guard took down Onox's army. Orland was filled with rage, and despite being a leader of peace and harmony, he let this rage consume him as he personally pursued Onox himself, bringing the Knights of Light with him.
In the final battle against the general, Onox used an extremely powerful spell that allowed him to transform into a massive Black Dragon. Even with the reinforcements of the Hylian Guard and some of the Gorons, by the time they took down Onox, they took heavy losses and lost over half their combined force. Yet in the end, they didn't kill Onox - instead, they locked him in a prison, with Luekke, the Guardian of Light serving as the protector.
The Rage Continues
Even after they defeated Onox, Orland still felt intense hatred towards Onox. It begin to influence how he ran the Followers of Light as he started adding various restrictions. As a result, a rift was born between him and Rauru, and their ideals continued to grow further and further apart. Eventually, Orland's rage consumed him, and he made a choice, once that would forever change Hyrule.
Attempted Murder
The day before the Hyrulean Civil War began, Orland entered the prison that held Onox. With Luekke's permission, he was allowed to enter the cell and interrogate him. As his questions became more brutal and personal, Luekke tried to sway Orland away by reaffirming the ideals of the Followers of Light, but Orland ignored this. He ended up losing it completely, drawing a concealed weapon and attempting to murder Onox, but with Luekke there, he was unable to do so. Luekke threw out Orland, and told him that "he was no longer fit to be a leader to group of peace and harmony". With that, Orland ran, but not for long.
The Power to Take Back
Within Hyrule City, Orland ran into a particular man that sold masks. He ended up ranting to the mask man about the falsehoods of the Followers of Light and its teachings, and then raging about how Onox destroyed his home and killed hundreds of people, and yet he was allowed to live by being sealed in a prison. The mask man smiled and replied: "Would you like Power?" Orland begged the mask man for Power...
  • The Power to save the lives that Onox extinguished.
    The Power to kill him.
    The Power to take back over the Followers of Light.
    The Power to become the next Sage.
"Then," the mask man said, "I shall give you Power. But first, let me tell you about something... a great artifact... known as the Triforce. It can grant you any wish. All I ask is when you have achieved your goal and become the rightful leader... tell everyone about it. They will surely worship you."

The mask man then transferred a portion of his madness to Orland. Having already been overcome with rage, he adapted to the madness quite quickly.
More Death Than I Wanted
With his newfound Power, given to him by this mask man, Orland went back to the prison to kill Onox. Luekke was away at the time, most likely to inform Rauru about him. It was the perfect opportunity. Onox was defenseless against Orland's attack, which caused Onox to writhe in agony. Before the general died, Orland used the madness to steal Onox's Black Dragon Transformation spell. Before he realized how it worked, Luekke returned to find Onox dead with a Power-hungry Orland standing over his dead body. The guardian tried to defeat Orland, but at that moment, the transformation spell activated, and Orland ended up killing Luekke. He transformed back into normal, horrified by what he'd done. He just killed the deity that he'd worshiped his entire life.
The Madness Consumes
With his sorrow overwhelming him, the madness he'd acquired from the mask man took control of him. He had to "tell everyone about the Triforce". Before Rauru could spread news to the Followers of Light about the corruption of Orland, the madman himself appeared before Rauru, and Orland demanded that he and Rauru need to spread a new teaching - seek the Triforce, for the ultimate enlightenment. Rauru refused, and unfortunately for him, he had learned of the Triforce earlier when Luekke told him about Orland.
Knowledge is Power
"Rauru was given knowledge of the Triforce by the Goddesses, yet I was not informed? Then, let Hyrule burn!" Before Rauru could do anything, Orland spread the new teaching about the Triforce, but with a catch - he worded it to make it sound like the Hylians were hoarding the Triforce for themselves, as they had the only means to access it by using the Temple of Time to access the Sacred Realm. The teaching spread like wildfire across all of Hyrule, and almost immediately, Ganondorf from the Gerudo declared war on the Hylians. It was soon followed up by Darbus of the Gorons, King Rakjaw of the Moblins, and King Zora Do Bon XVI of the Zoras. Within a day, a massive civil war broke out among Hyrule as everyone vied for the Triforce and its power.
Disappearing Within the Chaos
Because of the chaos of the war, the Hylians were unable to realize what Orland had done, and very few even have knowledge of it to this day, all of whom are reluctant to tell the story, as he betrayed everything he stood for. The man disappeared amongst the chaos of the war, and by the time the war ended, Orland was nowhere to be found. Too many tragedies and casualties had resulted from the war that he had been almost entirely been forgotten.
Followers of Wisdom
Twenty years after the Hyrulean Civil War (also three years after the defeat of Ganondorf), a new group called the Followers of Wisdom started to appear. Its members are clothed in white robes, bearing a symbol of the Triforce, with the top triangle glowing blue in order to symbolize the goddess Nayru. At first, they just seemed to be cult that possessively worshiped Nayru as the Goddess of All Creation and Reason (which is far from being true), but over time, they grew in numbers, taking control of other people by possessing them with a powerful ability.
Onok Orland
During an attempt to infiltrate the Followers of Wisdom, an adventurer by the name of Joseph Lightwall ended up discovering the true identity of the leader - Onok Orland, the man that started the Hyrulean Civil War and stole the Black Dragon spell from General Onox (and ended up taking part of the general's name as his own). It was revealed that Orland had an ancient artifact capable of extraordinary power, and Lightwall, through various shenanigans, barely managed to escape from Orland's clutches using the artifact and its power. With the artifact in the hands of Lord Gustaf and the location of the base of the Followers of Wisdom known, Orland may cause yet another war... and it's going to be soon.