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Full Respecs Available! - WindStrike - 08-01-2015

Incoming several-in-one announcement thread!

Finished Enough
Updated Character Format
Updating Your Stuff
Full Respecs
I am not updating your profiles for you
Delayed to September

That's all for this announcement, folks. Feel free to celebrate and discuss!

RE: Full Respecs Available! - Orithan - 08-05-2015

We should add in a rule that prevents people from swapping out lower-tiered stuff with higher tiered stuff fom the Compendium (eg. Poke for Super Poke).

RE: Full Respecs Available! - WindStrike - 08-06-2015

Nah, if you wanna switch all your stuff out with Level 50 stuff, you can. ... you just can't actually use it yet. Nor can you sell it, cause you can only sell items if you can show them off, and if you can't even use it, you get no good out of them. I had the restrictions on switching out Consumables though because those items are balanced by rarity, not tier levels or stuff like that. Same with Artifacts. I'm sure everyone that's higher levels wants to switch out their now PSI Spell, Alpha with a higher tier that's more usable to them.