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Hylians are so plain - WindStrike - 04-12-2015

Whelp, I've run into a bit of a wall. I'm trying to add a Level 30 Active Skill for Hylians for their Racial Skills, but I'm out of ideas. I've researched a bunch, but they're just... so... plain. Prayer and Hear Thy Thoughts is based on Hylians supposedly having the ability to hear messages from the Goddesses themselves. Improved Hearing is based on their super hearing... supposedly. I blame their ears. Telepathic Messages is based on various Hylian characters being able to send, well, Telepathic Messages. Past that, I'm kinda clueless, so if anyone has ideas, fire away!

RE: Hylians are so plain - WindStrike - 04-15-2015

The following idea is courtesies of Coolgamer:

Gift of the Goddesses:
  • Once per battle, when you die, you have a chance to revive via a 1d3.
    • 3 = you revive to half health

Level 40 version would add an effect for rolling a 2, and Level 50 version would add an effect for rolling a 1.

I'll get that added later.

Now that that one is over with... Level 40 Active Skill, GO!

RE: Hylians are so plain - Lightwulf - 05-01-2015

Hey, what if the Active Skill were something like the "Scan" spell from the Final Fantasy games?  I figure if Hylians can hear things with their ears, then an advanced ability would be to detect someone's or some enemy's level, hearts, magic (points), Wisdom/Courage/Power stats, affinity level(s), and elemental weaknesses.  (I know that you post info on enemies in the quest thread, but I've noticed it usually doesn't include all of these; I've looked for the Wisdom/Courage/Power stats on an enemy I was battling before and didn't find them on the enemy's profile.)

To make it worth using it at level 40, you could also add some additional effect, like maybe stunning the enemy for 1 turn.

RE: Hylians are so plain - WindStrike - 05-01-2015

Well, according to some new rules we posted some months back about enemies (I can't find the post), all stats are going to be visible for everyone. If DMs can see player stats (even if they don't choose to), then players should be able to see enemy stats. Sorry if that's misleading, since a lot of the quest threads don't have the stats visible, but from now on, they will be.

Regarding the stun idea, I've intentionally avoided effects that do stuns because of potential stunlock. Keep in mind, for where we're going, almost everything a player gets, any enemy is capable of getting, and I know people hate the idea of getting stunlocked, hence why I try to avoid it. There are a very small handful of enemies capable of doing a stun, but for all of them, it's a multi-step process, giving the players time/a chance to react to it.