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Just a random update - Sephiroth - 04-02-2015

I thought the site was a little boring, so there's a new function on the site now. Click the floating element to see it. Wink

RE: Just a random update - WindStrike - 04-02-2015

I felt it didn't have enough shrooms. Then I realized I could stack it. Life has never been better.

RE: Just a random update - Forgotten Third Eye - 04-02-2015

10/10 update. Would click again.
Also keep it and throw a randomizer. You know, for lulz.

RE: Just a random update - Lightwulf - 04-06-2015

lol  LOL

Dude, that is sweeeeeet!  Snide

At first, I was looking all over the site, wondering "Floating element?  What floating element? Confused   Which element is it: fire, water, shadow, etc.?  Where am I supposed to be looking for this 'element'?"

Aaaaaand then I noticed the discreet "Click Me" in the lower-right corner.  Whistle  Click!

Oh My Odd OMG Retard Bouncy LOL

And then I found out I could use it on any page, not just the main page!  Retard  LOL  Funny to see Sephiroth's and WS's avatars moving to the beat!

Nice addition!  Pretty kewl! Cool  Pretty fun, too!  I second Fireblast124's comment about "would click again"!
Edit: Aaaaaand I just did! (click again, that is) LOL This time, my avatar started moving to the beat first!