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Nayru's Love Shards - Sephiroth - 03-17-2015

... So, I've been thinking.

And I'm failing to see who has them at this time.

Which characters has what shards of Nayru's Love?

Either Sephiroth never got one, or he did and it got overlooked...

RE: Nayru's Love Shards - Orithan - 03-17-2015

  • Saria - Obtained during Attack on Death Mountain
  • Sephiroth - Obtained during The Final Shard
  • Gurloz - Obtained during Let there be Light
  • There was a second one that was obtained during Let There be Light but IDK who has it. A search revealled nothing about it.
  • Hasn't been obtained yet.

Pulled from the logs of a conversation with Windstrike a few weeks ago.

RE: Nayru's Love Shards - WindStrike - 03-17-2015

No, just one by Gurloz from Let there be Light. The first shard was in a quest before Shingeki no Death Mountain, and I thought either Sephiroth or Fireblast had it. If we can't find it on anyone, we can add it, because the total collected so far is supposed to be 4, with 1 shard remaining, something I will certainly be addressing in a high-level quest once we get the game back on the road in the summer time.

RE: Nayru's Love Shards - Orithan - 03-17-2015


Two shards right there in Let There be Light.

RE: Nayru's Love Shards - WindStrike - 03-17-2015

In that case, I have no idea. I'd have to get the logs up and posted and re-read to double check. I miiiight be able to do that this weekend, can't put a guarantee on that.

RE: Nayru's Love Shards - Sephiroth - 03-17-2015

Hmm, think I found the solution. Gurloz has two, Sephiroth has one, plus the one that was affixed to Oblivion.

... Shortly afterward..

So we did obtain the other 4 shards. ... Just there's a ... Crystallized Poe floating around somewhere that we need to dispose of before Zelda can combine the shards, who is currently holding onto them all.

... So this actually alter's Sephiroth's Current Objective.. ... To locating that Crystallized Poe and defeating it..

RE: Nayru's Love Shards - WindStrike - 03-17-2015

Sweet. This weekend, I'll see what I can do for getting up the logs for both those quests (the Let there be Light quest and the Final Shard (bullcrap) quest). Might take two weekends, cause work/schoolwork is preventing me from doing any ZURPG work currently. And hopefully Darklink will be able to follow up with summaries soon, though I believe he's been much busier lately. FYI, your solo quest won't be wrapping up this storyline, though I might get an idea for where it goes after I re-read those two quests. I do recall a still-locked locker that supposedly has Materia in it. Perhaps it'll be related to getting that open.