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Extremely Helpful DMing Guides - WindStrike - 01-19-2015

More recently, over the last two weeks, I found a site called The Angry DM, a site made by a veteran tabletop RPG player/DM that writes about all the things that tick him off in peoples' games. It's mainly focused on popular systems like D&D and Pathfinder, but a lot of it is still applicable no matter what tabletop style game you're playing or running.

Click here to visit his site. On the right side, there's a number of articles listed under "Popular Features". Just start at the top of them, and read from there. I recommend that you only read a little bit at a time, because it is a lot to process, but each time you do read it, reflect it on your DMing style and what you've DM'd so far, and see if you can adapt what you read towards fixing your flaws or even improving what you think you're good at.

I really, REALLY recommend this source for any DM. I'm learning a heck of a lot, and I've currently just finished the third one on that list, Four Things You’ve Never Heard of That Make Encounters Not Suck. Hope you get as much as an insightful read out of it as I do!