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Storyboard Request Thread - WindStrike - 01-13-2015

Now that we have Storyboard Meetings, for those of you that either can't make it to a meeting or have an abundance of ideas and can't get 'em all out in a meeting, post up your character ideas here! Settings and plot stuff, too! Anyone may give input and ideas for that idea at any time, but if there's some backlogged ideas in here, we'll try to prioritize them first in meetings.

This thread will contain logs of all Storyboard Meetings as well. As of Log 15 - Rivals, I'm going to be posting up nutshells of the meetings in this thread.

RE: Character Request Thread - Sephiroth - 01-13-2015

I'll throw this out there... I still don't have a backstory (a.k.a. Background) for both Sephiroth and Vincent Valentine. ... Given that I suck at writing, I would like to get these bits of information filled..

RE: Character Request Thread - Forgotten Third Eye - 01-17-2015

Serikka's parents, and stuff.

Still have to think of names for them and personality. Oh, and also some other information that may need to be thought of.

RE: Character Request Thread - WindStrike - 01-20-2015

The Hylian Knights of Light was once the elite of the Hylian Guard. It was a fair group of knights all blessed with the powers of Luekke, Guardian of Light. This group also served as the guard for a large-scale religious sect called the Followers of Light. The religion preached teachings of love, kindness and benevolence, and they did not force this religion on anyone. Over half of the Hylians were a part of the group, though this group fell shortly after the Hyrulean Civil War started.

Although Magic wasn't widespread at the time, the Knights of Light wielded a number of Light-Magic abilities, thanks to Luekke. However, when Luekke passed on, these abilities dampened in power, making them only slightly stronger than any other guard. Those that relied on its power were killed in the following Hyrulean Civil War, and even more perished when Ganondorf took over Hyrule. Now, only a handful of these knights remain. With the power of the Sacred Realm leaking into Hyrule and Magic being usable by the knights again, they're able to access some of powers they once did. But without Luekke around, their power is still limited.

Although he does not reveal that he's officially one of them, the leader of these knights is none other than the head of the Hylian Guard itself, Eldin. When the Hyrulean Civil War started, he actually wasn't part of the group, but at one point, Eldin saved its leader (at the time). Later in the war, that leader perished, but not before bestowing his dormant powers upon Eldin and making him leader.

The youngest member of the group is actually someone that was born on the day Luekke died. His name is Gurloz, and as he grew up, he became infatuated with the legends surrounding Luekke. He joined the Knights of Light as soon as he learned how to wield a sword, and his proficiency with Light Magic is quite incredible. More recently, he found a remnant of Leukke in the Fake Sunlight Dungeon in Kokiri Forest, who told him to "find me, and find the truth behind the Followers of Light and my passing."

Annnnd that's all I got for now. Feel free to fire suggestions for filling in the remaining knights, as well as various other ideas. I actually could use ideas about their specific abilties, cause they're not just normal Light spells that anyone has access to... and said abilities will be accessible to Gurloz when July comes around.

RE: Character Request Thread - Lightwulf - 01-22-2015

@Fireblast124: Here are some suggestions.

- Serikka's dad could be Rahkomen Tonatsu who can be a little greedy at times when money is involved, but he loves helping others and would do almost anything for his family. Rahkomen prefers to spend time outdoors; he gets ansy when he has to be inside for long, extended periods of time.

- Serikka's mom could be Aylora Tonatsu, a woman skilled in Reisanoqun arts and crafts, particularly in metalwork. Aylora is a skilled fighter and personally She can have a bit of a temper at times, but is loving toward her family members.

@WindStrike: The man that Eldin could have succeeded could be Lord Roharren.
- Lord Roharren's right-hand man, Captain Severin, was killed during the war about a month before Lord Roharren was killed.

RE: Character Request Thread - Lightwulf - 01-26-2015

(My time online was cut short when I was posting, the other day, so I was forced to post what I had and quickly log off. I have some more time now, so I will continue.)

I'm not sure if you want the other current members of the Knights of Light to be in one place or if some can be in different areas across Hyrule. Here are some ideas:

Knights of Light:

Mokano, nicknamed "The Angel", is a Knight of Light who is very skilled in Light Magic and is known for his benevolence and selfless acts, protecting those that are weaker. He is also very strong and tall for a Hylian, being able to lift a wagon cart full of goods and being almost a foot taller than the average Hylian man. His earlier days were spent working in a farmer's fields, thus giving him physical strength. Once he heard about the Knights of Light, he, being a religious man, was immediately determined that he would become one to serve the goddesses. Mokano worked very hard to prepare to become one and, after joining, quickly became one of the elite knights in their organization. His skills in Light Magic have saved many a life on many an occasion.

Troven has served with Lord Roharren since shorty before Roharren arose as the leader of the Knights of Light. He's a bit old to be a knight, but he keeps himself physically fit and makes sure to eat healthy foods daily to lengthen his lifespan so he can serve others. He is very knowledgeable about the history of Hyrule, the history of the Knights of Light, weaponry, and military tactics. One would not go wrong seeking his guidance. Lord Roharren always included Troven in his council meetings and trusted him with his life. However, they were fighting in different areas when Lord Roharren was killed, and Troven still harbors some guilt for not being there by Roharren's side that fateful day.

Rastofar is one of the most skilled warriors of the Knights of Light. As a boy, he was infatuated with the stories of the legendary hero (even before the Hero of Time came {I'd assume}) and dreamed of becoming a warrior just like him. Ever since he was old enough to wield a blade, he has trained and studied the military arts. He lives by a personal code of honor rivaled only by that of Mokano "the Angel" and never hesitates to help those in need. He has some skill in Light magic, but his strength is in hand-to-hand and weapon-to-weapon combat. He has studied about almost every type of weapon ever made and can wield them more skillfully than any other Hylian with similar amount of experience, giving him an edge if he finds discarded weapons.

Now, for specific Light spells, here are some ideas (correct me if some of them have been created already; I haven't seen all of the existing spells yet):

Mind Lift - The user casting this spells gains the ability to lift the target with his mind and control where the target moves through the air. Quite useful for lifting heavy objects. (Think of Yoda lifting Luke's X-wing fighter from the mud. Wink )

Solar Laser Beam - The user shoots powerful laser beams of pure white light from his/her eyes at a single target.

Full Recover - The target is restored to full hearts and all status ailments are removed.

Blinding Light - Blinds target. Successes for target's physical attacks are decreased (by half or greater; I'm not sure what would be fair). Any target without eyes or that doesn't use sight to track its enemies (e.g. that uses sonar) is immune to this spell. Can be used to heal plant-type creatures, restoring a few hearts.

Light Replicate - Creates a replica of the user made out of light. This replica copies the user's every movement. The next attack on the user from an enemy has 50% chance of completely missing, due to the attack being aimed at the light replica. When cast multiple times, the chance of missing increases accordingly; the chance of hitting the user is 1/n, where n is the total number of replicas plus 1. For example, if there are 2 replicas, the chances of enemies hitting the user would be 1/3, about 33%. (However, if you think it would be more fair, we can add a stipulation that each replica fades {is gone} after 3 rounds.)


These are just some ideas. Let me know if there's anything else needed. I'm assuming, from seeing Sephiroth's other post, that he already got the backstory he needed(?); if not, reply here about it.