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Storyboard Meetings! - WindStrike - 01-13-2015

Every Tuesday and Saturday night from 8:30pm to 10:30pm CST, we will be holding Storyboard Meetings in #zurpg. During this time, we'll be primarily focusing on creating new NPCs and fleshing them out along with existing NPCs. We'll also be working on descriptions for various settings. Exactly what we work on each meeting will just depend on what people bring to the table. Anyone is welcome to join these meetings and bring ideas and input.

How this will work:
  • Someone brings up an idea for a character.
  • Everyone then chips in their ideas for that character. This can include stuff like physical description, personality, backstory, what the character does, his relations to others, quotes, etc.
    • To clarify, we're not building full combat profiles; mainly roleplaying content.
  • Once we've got a good amount down for that character, we'll log it and then move on. Rinse and repeat the process, potentially alternate with settings.

A few rules:
  • Sidechat should stay in the sidechat. If it's not relevant to the discussion, keep it in #zurpgchat.
  • Once we're focused on one character, [u]don't just suddenly switch over to another character or go "oh hey guys, I got all these ideas too, here they are right this moment". We'll get to them; just be patient. Ideally, we want to do things on a one-at-a-time basis, or else it'll get unfocused and messy real fast.
  • Keep in mind that every time we finish a character, we'd like to log it ASAP, so... kicks go to #zurpgchat.
  • If you continue to be off-topic in the actual discussion, we'll enforce +m, meaning the channel is moderated and if you don't have a voice (+v), anything you say will be blocked. You can request to join back in by asking nicely in #zurpgchat. Hopefully we won't run into this issue.

If you can't join in or just have too many ideas, we have a Character Request Thread, so use that!

Meetings will be posted on the calendar, but in most cases, it'll be the same time as listed above every week. Here's to hoping we'll get some good progress from these Storyboarding meetings!

RE: Storyboard Meetings! - WindStrike - 01-27-2015

What days would you guys prefer Storyboard Meetings to happen? I kinda picked Tuesday and Saturday arbitrarily, and it's starting to not work out as well for some folks. Post up which two days you'd like it to occur. FYI, try to avoid sticking the two days too close together, we all need time to formulate new ideas.

RE: Storyboard Meetings! - Sephiroth - 01-27-2015

I dun care, as long as it's before 10:30 PM CST..

RE: Storyboard Meetings! - Darte Fellshard - 01-27-2015

Tuesdays are out for me next month. Wednesdays and Thursdays are probably on a week-on week-off basis. I guess that leaves Friday-Monday?

RE: Storyboard Meetings! - WindStrike - 03-04-2015

Due to life getting busier with various stuff, Storyboard Meetings will now only be held once a week, on Saturday nights, since that seems to be the most open time for everyone. Additionally, I'll be posting up what I stick in the calendar event's description here as well. Speaking of which, here it is for this week's:

On March 7th at 7:30pm CST, we will be holding a Storyboard Meeting. This week's topic is a partial follow-up to last week's topic of Rivals. Now that we've established individual recurring rivals and obstacles for most of the player characters, we're going to focus on the larger scale of Villain Factions. For the record, this won't include the Followers of Wisdom or the Old Sheikah. This meeting is mainly to establish new ones and remind us of established ones that have been forgotten for a while.

The meeting is expected to last 2 to 3 hours. Anyone is welcome to join and bring ideas for this!

RE: Storyboard Meetings! - WindStrike - 03-12-2015

On Saturday, March 14th, we will be holding another Storyboard Meeting on Villain Factions. The meeting is expected to last for 2 to 3 hours. Anyone is welcome to join.

RE: Storyboard Meetings! - WindStrike - 03-16-2015

Heads up, there'll be no meeting this weekend, courtesies of work and school on my end. Hopefully I'll be back in gear next weekend.