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Couple IRC channels renamed - Sephiroth - 01-09-2015

Just an announcement to clear up anything here.

As I have been thinking about some of the wording we've used in the official rules thread, I've decided to do this as a precaution for us as an RPG game based upon the Zelda Universe.

... As there is a rather popular website known as Zelda Universe, I've decided to rename two of our channels we use during the game sessions, as well as the general chat channel we have on LunarNet. Also, as WindStrike and I have discussed, we are shifting any and all discussion about the game outside of sessions to #ZURPGChat. This way the logs we keep of #ZURPG and #ZURPG2 will be from sessions only. Will make it easier on us to get logs posted up after sessions.

Please update your IRC clients' automated join processes.

#ZUChat -> #ZURPGChat
#ZUTeam -> #ZURPGTeam

Thank you.

The IRC Tutorial for X-Chat 2 has been updated as well.