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[Resolved] Out of action - Orithan - 11-09-2014

Due to malware problems and having difficulty wiping and reinstalling, I will be out of action for a fair amount of time before I get my laptop fully operational again. I can do a small amount of writing during this time, but definetly no IRC.

Time estimated: Probably a week, depending on how everything sorts out,

RE: Out of action - WindStrike - 11-09-2014

Alright. Goriya is also out of action, and since you're both in Improv Dungeon of FIYAH! and The Deku Tree Returns, I'll put both of them on hold. Hope you manage to get your laptop fixed!

RE: Out of action - Orithan - 11-10-2014

Well, it looks like I will be back in action sooner than I thought provided nothing goes horribly wrong. It's in repairs and I am expecting it back tomorrow.