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NPC Design Request - WindStrike - 10-03-2014

I'm going to be running a quest soon that delves into the Kokiri Forest area. Thus, I'm going to need some character designs for the following:
  • Kokiri
  • Skull Kids
  • Deku Scrubs

By "character designs", I mean any part of them. Visually, personality, abilities, etc. Though, I should note, they're going to be friendlies, so the Skull Kids especially aren't going to try and kill you. I might have one of the Skull Kids or Kokiri join as a potential party member, but otherwise, just some local NPCs for roleplaying purposes. Go nuts!

RE: NPC Design Request - Lightwulf - 10-04-2014

Ooh, ooh! I'll help with this one!

Lokar* - Shopkeeper in the Kokiri Forest. Interested in preservation techniques to protect his shop items and make them last longer, such as coating the top of a storage pot with leather and tying it tight with a leather strap. Kindly offers his goods to any visitor, no matter what race. "As long as they've got the rupees, I'll sell to anyone!"

Jaron* - One of the most recent of the Kokiri "born" in the forest.
- (I forget where I got it from or if I thought of it, myself, but I heard/thought that Kokiri children are "born" when they are created by one of the spirits in charge of the forest. I don't think it was the Deku Tree himself, but either Faron or a certain unknown fairy guardian/creator of life would form a Kokiri, nurture it for a very short time, and then place it near the Deku Tree to be in his care. Then, the other Kokiri raise the little one (from either baby or toddler form) until they are kid-size like the rest of them and can take care of himself/herself.)
- Anyway, an event will happen to where Mido, the elder of the Kokiri, does something so bad that causes the Great Deku Tree to distrust his leadership capabilities. When that happens, he chooses Jaron to become the new "elder" of the Kokiri. (This event need not to have happened yet, so it's up to the DM when or what happens.)
- Jaron owns a Deku Slingshot which is big enough to launch Deku Nuts, to stun enemies at a distance; it also launches regular Deku Seeds as well.

Edit: (I didn't have time to post the rest until now.)

Kovi* - Jaron's fairy
(Not much to say here other than she's a lot like Navi.)

Kara* - Jaron's good friend, probably because she was "born" around the same time as him, so they've known each other all their lives.

Deku Noga - One of the Deku merchants residing in the Lost Woods. He's very shy by nature, so much so that he spits Deku Nuts at potential customers (that aren't Deku, that is). However, he loves music, especially Ocarina music, and likes to practice playing his Deku Ocarina when he has time. (The Deku Ocarina* is "curiously carved from wood, but works just as good as a Fairy Ocarina." - from a description of the same item I previously made)

Skull Kid Zamon - One of the two skull kids that played the flute with Link in the west end of the Lost Woods. Loves to play tricks, but is normally friendly to his skull kid friends and any children/Kokiri that wander into the woods. As are all skull kids, he distrusts adults and will shoot darts at them if he feels threatened.

*Those marked with an asterisk are actually from a role-play I've done that's supposed to take place 70 years after the "childhood" events of Ocarina of Time (OoT). I had put that Jaron was actually 33 years old at that point, with the Mido problem occurring about 10 years prior to that. So, if ZURPG doesn't take place more than 37 years after Link's childhood OoT events (and I believe it doesn't), it probably would save explanation to not include Jaron or Kara. Then again, if someone really wanted, I could probably alter this timeframe.

RE: NPC Design Request - WindStrike - 10-07-2014

Yeah, those 70-years-later events are definitely uhhh........ pretty late, lol. Current time is 4 years after the ending of OoT. If you want to alter it, it's up to you. I am quite interested in using them, and Mido himself will be missing for this quest, so... perhaps Mr. Jaron can be set in as temporary leader.

Great job coming up with the NPCs! Feel free to add more... twill probably be running this quest starting next weekend.

EDIT: Here's something I tried out earlier for Lokar. I might try this later with other characters.

Lokar Wrote:* Lokar pops up from the ground with a pot of a honey-like liquid balanced precariously upon the top of his head.
* Lokar looks around, sees Navi and cocks his head curiously. Physics steals the pot from his head as it clashes with the ground, shattering into a pile of glass and oozing with the liquid. He becomes shocked and, instinctively, tries to pop back into the ground. However, the liquid halts his retreat halfway.
<Lokar> Ack! Ahh! Uhh.. why, I appear to be... stuck! Good sir, would you kindly help me? You see, I have goods... many goods, in fact!
<Lokar> And uhhh... and I can sell them to you for quite a discount! But it won't be just free. ... if only I could free myself. Ah-hah, see what I did there?
<Lokar> Oh... of course you did. ... you're looking right at me.
* Lokar uses his free hand to point to himself, bop his own head, and then make a flurry of hand motions not dissimiliar to EA's decision making. It appears to be undiscernable.
<Lokar> Wait... I think... I have something for this...
<Lokar> If I could just get it...
* Lokar reaches towards the top of his head, and then with a swift movement... reaches into the top of his head. The leaves surrounding his head rustle a bit, but after a bit of tinkering with his apparent zombie-head, he produces a vial of clear liquid. He then pours it on the side of that's stuck.
<Lokar> And now for the magic! Ah yes, you see here... *using his hand to motion the events transpiring before you* Potion 325C has spilled over me, yes? Well, using J378A... there's an interesting chemical reaction, you see? Yes, the steam, the bubbles, the burning of bark, and the fire of- AHHHH
* Lokar is indeed now on fire.... and free from the stickiness.
* Lokar panics around a bit before diving into the ground. He successfully buries himself for a bit before reappearing, all calmed down and with no fire, albeit a bit of charred bark.
<Lokar> And that, my friends, is how you get rid of your arm when your honey gets stuck in the ground! ..... hmm, that's not it, BUT ANYHOW...
* Lokar tips himself to the side such that he's parallel to the ground. He taps his head 7 times in a peculiar rhythm, for which you players might recognize as a plumber's first venture into the opening notes of Level 1-1.
<Lokar> *The contents of whatever he's storing in his head, such as an interdimensional bag-of-everything apparently, spews out into a conveninent manner, such as to roll into a perfectly set-up shop. He then makes the final barrel roll to the space behind the counter and sets up a soap box.
<Lokar> Kids, trees, and... fairies? Well, before you, I bring forth my ever loving shop! It's got all the contents for living, taking a break, pain, eating your own hand from your food, and... oh, that's not right. Whatever! See what you buy, buy what you see. As long as you've got rupees, I'll sell to anyone!

RE: NPC Design Request - Lightwulf - 10-08-2014

Awesome! Grin Lokar sounds a little looney! LOL I like it!

I think I'll rescind what I said about the years for Jaron. It just so happened that, in the before-mentioned RPG, Jaron put Mido in charge when he had to leave the Kokiri Forest. It seems only fitting that, years before, Mido had to leave and ended up putting Jaron in charge!

... I hadn't considered it before, but Jaron could have been around during the events of OoT. Most of those Kokiri didn't have actual names anyway! He could have easily been there. I'd just have to adjust his "birth" year to before the events of OoT.

Anyway, I thought I'd suggest some more:

Deku Ginza - The older brother of Deku Noga, also a merchant in the Lost Woods. A little bit braver than his younger brother, he only spits nuts at potential customers to test if they're worthy of being his customer. He won't sell his goods to the weak.

Laronda - One of the Kokiri twins. Likes to play hide-and-seek. If you let her, she'll talk on and on about the hero of time, Link, and all that she's heard of him, proud that Link was raised in her forest! (Just like Lokar, this is an existing character from OoT that needed a name.)

Lorinda - The other Kokiri twin. She prefers to stay at home and tend to the house than to wander about in the forest like her sister does. She's heard enough of Link and shoos her sister outside when her sister brings him up again and won't drop the subject. (Another existing OoT character that needed a name.)

RE: NPC Design Request - Darklink42 - 11-03-2014

I kind of created a hideout/settlement for the Deku Scrubs. Wasn't sure where else to put them as a collective group, considering they don't live in quite the same place as the Kokiri.

Gardener Deku Ace: Despite his name, this deku is actually pretty terrible at his job. He’s living proof of the label “student of many things; master of none.” Tending the mushroom crops is just his latest in a long string of jobs. Ace tends to be more interested in the bag of snacks he carries everywhere he goes, or in creating fantastical stories of the heroics he’s engaged in (havoc-level shenanigans would be a more accurate definition.) Ace, befitting his level of egoism, is also incredibly vain, so he stands out from other Deku by having meticulously burnished bark and an ostentatious hat made from a massive lotus flower. For some who supposedly gardens, he seems to always be extraordinarily clean…

Deku guard Lemo: Lemo has one job: guard the Deku scrub’s main hideout. He is fanatical to the point of unreasonableness about this, and will stop anyone who doesn’t know the often lengthy passwords he creates at dawn every day. This Deku is scarred beyond belief, possessing only one good eye and more battle wounds than any two other surviving Deku scrubs in Hyrule put together. He has willowy, grey-green “hair” and spits spiky, hard-as-steel deku nuts at anyone suspicious (which is just about everyone). Despite his battle-worn exterior, however, Lemo is actually fairly young by Deku standards, and there’s a rumor that his scars might not all have come from battles.

Deku August: Prior to the attack on the royal palace in the swamps of Termina by the Greed King, Deku August was an ordinary noble. When all of the crazed worshipers overran the defenses, poor August was one of only a handful of survivors saved by a mysterious group of adventurers claiming to be vacuum salesman. Ever since then, he’s been trying to return to a quiet life, but has instead bumbled from one misadventure to the next, always lucksacking his way out of bad situations. He’s got a bad case of fragile nerves now, and he stays at the Deku hideout praying to every god and goddess he can think of for a bit of relief.

Merchant Deku Holly: A generally chipper Deku, she doesn't mess around when it comes to her furniture business. She needs to be agressive too, have you ever seen a deku scrub use a table? Didn't think so. She's convinced she's got a potential market though, and no one's going to stop her. No one, that is, except herself. Holly has a bit of a sweet spot for gambling, which she tries to hide as best she can. In a place like the Deku Hideout though, it's kind of hard to keep a secret like that. What she wins at the tables goes towards funding her store. Though she keeps her funds seperate, it's not always easy to avoid dipping into store finances when the luck is particularly lousy. Someday, her luck will take a turn, but who can say which way?