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Who's in the Royal Family? - WindStrike - 09-16-2014

Since I'm switching the direction of ZURPG towards an actual plot, I figure a great place to start is going to be the Royal Family. They've been mentioned a few times, what with the surviving members (Zelda, Eldin, and Goswin), the issues within the two Sheikah factions, and then the issues between them and the Royal Family, dating all the way back to a century ago with Garunoff and Rokan.

I will be posting up general profiles of Zelda, Eldin, Goswin, Rokan (deceased), and King Hylia (deceased). The Royal Family however, used to be much larger than that, and I hope to be able to stem a good number of stories from them into future quests. The official games never really state who's in it, so I'm gonna ask you all who's in it. Create your own Royal Family dude or dudess, even though he/she is probably deceased, and I'll be sure to try and include everyone listed here in some way for the future!

RE: Who's in the Royal Family? - Lightwulf - 09-19-2014

Cool! Here are a few ideas:

Marin - Zelda's cousin, daughter of Zelda's father's sister
Brevin - Marin's brother and protector
Edwin (deceased) - brother of Zelda's grandmother (could have been a Duke, if there were such a rank)
Corma - daughter and only child of Edwin

BTW, would King Hylia be Zelda's father? I'm not sure if that's who he's supposed to be.