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What are you good at? - WindStrike - 09-12-2014

Welcome to the Help Board! This is an open board where anyone can put up work requests for things they're not good at or don't know how to do. Additionally, anyone that sees a request they think they can do, by all means help out! Hopefully, we can fuel the resources through open-group interactivity towards each others' quests needed to complete and DM them!

That said, post in this thread what you're good at and willing to help others out with!

RE: What are you good at? - Orithan - 09-12-2014

Provided I have the inspiration, here's what I am good at off the top of my head:
Complicated enemy design, especially bosses.
Trollish enemies.
Elemental-based gimmicks.

RE: What are you good at? - Darklink42 - 09-12-2014

I'm a writer, first and foremost. So if there's any task that involves lore, storyline, character development, or descriptions, I'm all over it.

RE: What are you good at? - Lightwulf - 09-13-2014

I'm an artist*-storyteller. I like to take into account the visuals, even when there is none except text. I'm pretty good at thinking up storylines, plots, character names (well, names in general, including {but not limited to} items and place names), ... most anything creative. Plus, I've been studying a book about storytelling off-and-on over the past few years (and I'm over halfway through the book, which is a few hundred pages long), so I've learned some interesting insights and tips/tricks for storytelling that I'm ready to use. BTW, I'm also very good at editing for grammar and/or spelling errors; I've had a lot of experience with it (though don't expect me not to miss a thing or two; I'm human, after all Heh ).

I'm pretty good at music selection as well. I haven't always seen it in ZURPG, though WindStrike has included some in the past few quest sessions we've done. I've gotten in the mindset from other so-called forum "RPGs" to include applicable BGM (background music) with my posts so that others reading it could get a feel for what I want the area/action to feel like. If I ever find myself DM-ing here, I'll definitely be including BGM frequently. (I can't say "always", because certain things/situations can happen that require the BGM to stop and for there to be silence, or that just simply don't require music as it might be a distraction.) I'll just say this: I'm big on music, video game music more particularly. If you ever want to discuss video game music with me, I'd be glad to.

I'm also pretty good at mapmaking, especially when using areas that are from an existing game. In that case, I pull up either an existing map of that area or go through that area while playing the game, both of which I've done in OoT a few times before. (... Not sure if that's a given around here, but "OoT" stands for Ocarina of Time in case you don't already know.) In fact, my soon-to-be-released quest in Zelda Classic includes a replica of the "Bottom of the Well" mini-dungeon from OoT (with the exceptions that the boss room was moved, because of ZC version 2.10's limitations, and I had to place different items and enemies).

* Regarding art, if I had the time, I'd make graphics for me to use in ZUPRG; but I figure that since it's already text-based (and since I have limited free time to begin with) I won't worry about changing that, for now.