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8-29-14: In the Deep Depths of the Light - WindStrike - 08-28-2014

Here's your items!

Farore's Fairy
  • Amount: 1
  • DESCRIPTION: A green fairy, circled by fairy dust that seems to be teleporting around her. She also carries a small, shimmering green stone.
    • EFFECT 1: You can place the marker in any location. Once you do, the marker will become invisible until it's activated.
    • EFFECT 2: When you die, the fairy pops out of the bottle and circles you, teleporting you back to the marker and then reviving you to 3 Hearts.
Add to your Bottles
Illusion Tracker
  • Passive
  • DESCRIPTION: A white gem that pulses as illusions are cast.
    • EFFECT 1: Mark any target.
    • EFFECT 2: When the marked target casts an illusion, the gem will pulse and change to the color of the affinity used for the illusion.
Add to your Tools
  • RESTRICTIONS: If you are at your limit for Control Subjects, this skill will have no effect unless you release control of a Control Subject, which can be done at any time with a simple thought.
  • DESCRIPTION: Using a part of your soul, you're able to place someone under your command by overpowering that person's soul. Use your words to create a powerful force that forces one target to the ground to serve you.
    • Roll your Wisdom +3 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
      • Damage: None
      • EFFECT: If you Current Hearts and Magic (combined) are greater than the target's Current Hearts and Magic (combined), target becomes your Control Subject:
        • Target can still do what he wants, but at any time, you may issue a command to him. If the target's actions contradict your command, target halts completely, allowing you to freely move and command him.
        • For every target you are using full control on, you lose 5 Attack Dice and 5 Defense Dice.
        • The maximum amount of Control Subjects you can have is equal to your Total Affinity Levels. This is the natural cap.
        • DURATION: Targets remain under your control until you stop it manually or until you die.
Add Subjugate to your Active Skills
Illusion Break
  • COSTS: Any amount of Magic
  • DESCRIPTION: Disperse a burst of Magic into the air.
    • EFFECT: Any Illusions that are present in the room are affected by this.
      • If your Magic Cost for Illusion Break was higher than the Magic Cost to cast the Illusion, the Illusion falls.
      • If your Magic Cost was for Illusion Break was equal to or lower than the Magic Cost to cast the Illusion, the Illusion is unaffected.
Add Illusion Break to your Active Skills

RE: 8-29-14: In the Deep Depths of the Light - Lightwulf - 11-06-2014

Here's just a little illustration* I made for this:
[Image: az3hduopmly8uur4g.jpg]
This is Joseph Lightwall who's gone undercover as a member of the Followers of Wisdom. He has become known as the "DEATHWALL", thanks primarily to a master illusionist, Dan Kaze, that's been helping him out.

^Lordan is in the background.

*The picture is an edit from a graphic for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood I found on the internet. Credit goes to the creators of that game.

RE: 8-29-14: In the Deep Depths of the Light - Darklink42 - 01-02-2015

Quest Summary for In the Deep Depths of Light:
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Session 7
Final Session