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Test Battles - WindStrike - 04-07-2014

On Wednesday, April 9th at 8pm CST as well as Thursday, April 10th at 8pm CST, I will be running a series of test battles. This is to test out a new battle system which isn't much different from the current one, but in theory, it makes battles go way faster. We are not testing out double turns yet; that's for next week.

Anyone is welcome to join in on these tests, and I'll be setting up some extra profiles if you don't have a character within the set level range (we'll vote based on who shows up, but expect it to be in the 10s or 20s). Regarding battle rewards, because this is experimental, there will be no Experience or Item Drops. However, the Rupee reward will be doubled from $#d8 to $#d16.

EDIT: Experience, Rupees and drops are in for the May 11th test battles. Still going for $#d16 for Rupees.

Darknut, Blue (Level: 28)
Patra, Blue (Level: 28)
Enchanter (Level: 28)
Tonberry (Level: 28)

Bokoblin, Mini (Level: 28)
Bokoblin, Pink (Level: 28)
Bokoblin, Blue (Level: 28)
Bokoblin, Green (Level: 28)

RE: Test Battles - WindStrike - 04-14-2014

On Thursday, April 17th at 8:30pm CST, I'm going to run two test battles. The first one will be against some of the overhauled enemies, which you'll see in the new and improved enemy database. The second fight will be a preview of a boss fight that's intended for something far down the road, just to test various things out.

Both of these battles will be the low-mid 10s range, and this time, we're testing out the double actions change. After the battles, I'll ask for a revote on the thread, and if it passes, it's going to go into full effect next week. There shall be an announcement on Tuesday, which will include any big changes, along with a theoretically small changelog for various items and whatnot. Well, might be larger, because if double turns are in, I may end up altering various Support Spells and Active Skills. Who knows, we'll see.

RE: Test Battles - WindStrike - 04-17-2014

Make that April 20th, Sunday, 7pm to 10pm CST. Might alter that a bit depending on if someone else is running stuff that day or not.

RE: Test Battles - WindStrike - 05-11-2014

Test battles:

Octorok, Red (Level: 33)
Goriya, Red (Level: 33)

Armos (Level: 30)
Darknut, Red (Level: 30)
Darknut Archer (Level: 30)