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Rules & Knowledge for ZURPG - WindStrike - 09-22-2011

Rules & Knowledge
For Zelda Universe RPG

(All of ZURPG takes place in IRC. The server is irc.lunarnet.org at #zurpgchat.)
These are the absolute rules of Zelda Universe RPG. They are long, but they fully explain everything. Use these for reference after you have set up your own profile and bugged WindStrike for a tutorial via IRC.

Your Profile is divided into a number of sections. First, your Stats and Bonuses, then your Description, and then your Skills, Spells, and Items. Let’s start from the top!
Rolling Dice
Turn Order
Charge-Up Moves
The regular Damage Type is just called Damage. Most attacks in the game deal just normal Damage. Damage is reduced directly by Armor.
  • 1 Armor will reduce 1 Damage.
  • If you have 4 Armor, it will reduce a 9 Damage attack down to 5 Damage.
Alternatively, there’s Neutral Damage, which ignores Armor. Although it’s not common, it’s not rare either. However, all attacks that deal Neutral Damage deal a flat amount of Neutral Damage, regardless of the difference in successes. Additionally, this amount is generally in smaller amounts than just doing normal Damage.
In ZURPG, there are a lot of Effects. They are arguably the defining point of customization, as they’re filled with all sorts of counters and supports towards seemingly invincible builds. Here’s the types!
  • Bonus:
    • Applies a stackable, numerical increase or decrease to a particular Bonus. For the full list of Bonuses, see the Effects Reference Page.
  • Named Effects:
    • Some effects apply a non-stacking buff or debuff that has a name attached to it. This applies a unique effect that could drastically change the tide of the battle. Each one also belongs to a Category, and certain abilities in the game counter specific Categories. For the full list of Named Effects, see the Effects Reference Page.
  • Field Effects:
    • These affect everyone on the field. No matter what Field Effect is played, it will always remove the previous Field Effect, meaning there will never be more than one Field Effect in play at a time. For the full list of Field Effects, see the Effects Reference Page.

Notice a little trend? That’s right, the majority of the effects in the game are found on one page, which is linked in the channel topic for quick and easy reference!

There are some effects that fall outside of that list, though they’re usually applied instantly, so you don’t have to remember it.
All Bonuses can stack infinitely. Positive & Negative versions cancel each other out, so if a target has +2 Power and -1 Power, it’s listed as +1 Power.

For Named Effects, attempting to stack them will just refresh their DURATION.
By default, all effects are assumed to “last for the remainder of the battle”. There is no such thing as an effect of any kind that can last beyond the end of a battle. However, note that some abilities will come with a shorter DURATION.

Alternatively, when you die, all effects on you are removed.
  • This does not apply to any effects or bonuses you have on your character by default.
This is just a copy of what’s linked here.

All of these can stack infinitely. Positive & Negative versions cancel each other out, so if a target has +2 Power and -1 Power, it’s listed as +1 Power.

  • +Power
  • +Courage
  • +Wisdom
  • +Hearts (stat)
  • +Magic (stat)
  • +Attack Dice
  • +Defense Dice
  • +Armor
  • Regen
    • At the start of each round, target recovers Hearts equal to the stack count.
  • Magic Regen
    • At the start of each round, target recovers Magic equal to the stack count.
  • -Power
  • -Courage
  • -Wisdom
  • -Hearts (stat)
  • -Magic (stat)
  • -Attack Dice
  • -Defense Dice
  • -Armor
  • Bleeding
    • At the start of each round, target takes Neutral Damage equal to the stack count.
  • Magic Bleeding
    • At the start of each round, target loses Magic equal to the stack count.
Named Effects
Named Effects of the same name do not stack. It will only refresh the DURATION.

  • Numbed:
    • Target’s Combat Actions have their Dice & Damage Modifiers removed.
    • DURATION: Two rounds.
  • Effect Block:
    • Negate the next EFFECT to the target caused by a Combat Action, which then removes Effect Block.
  • Liquid Armor:
    • Any Neutral Damage the target takes is converted to normal Damage.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Shield:
    • Target takes half damage from the next Combat Action they’re hit by, which then removes Shield.
  • Frozen Field:
    • Field Effect
    • After anyone attacks, they lose 2 Attack Dice.
  • Burned:
    • Every time the target attacks or defends, they take 1 Neutral Damage.
  • Cursed:
    • Anytime the target spends Magic, they take Neutral Damage equal to the amount spent.
  • Cauterized:
    • Target cannot recover or siphon Hearts or Magic in any way.
    • DURATION: One round
  • Heatwave:
    • Field Effect
    • Anyone that drops down to 2 Hearts or less instantly dies.
  • Immobilized:
    • Target cannot move or use any melee attacks.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Taunted:
    • Target’s single-target Combat Actions can only target you.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Delayed:
    • Target’s next attack is delayed by 2 Turns, which then removes Delayed.
  • Thorns:
    • The next time the target is hit by a Combat Action, the attacker takes Damage equal to the attack’s Damage (before Armor is factored in), which then removes Thorns.
  • Whirlwind:
    • Field Effect
    • Anyone with less than 15 Power loses 2 Defense Dice.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Blinded:
    • When target does any action that does not target themselves, they roll $1d3. If it is a 1, they automatically miss.
  • Unfocused:
    • Target cannot use ranged attacks.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Silenced:
    • Target cannot cast Spells.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Disillusion:
    • Gives you a $1d3 chance to auto-dodge an attack, with a 1 being successful. Once this successfully procs, Disillusion is removed.
  • Feedback Field:
    • Field Effect
    • Anyone that spends Magic takes Neutral Damage equal to half the respective Magic Cost.
  • Penumbra’s Curse:
    • Target rolls twice anytime they defend, and they’re forced to take the lower roll.
  • Phased Out:
    • If any of the target’s stats hits 0, except Magic, the target instantly dies.
  • Support Blocked:
    • Negate the next EFFECT to the target caused by a Support Action, which then removes Support Blocked.
  • Undead:
    • Target cannot die. However, if the target has 1 Heart left, any damage they would take instead drains their Magic.
    • DURATION: One round.
  • Reversal:
    • Field Effect
    • Each round, everyone receives 1 Temporary Reroll Point, which automatically expires at the end of the round.
All Quests are divided into Sessions. A Session is an individual section of a Quest. When you play ZURPG, you never play a Quest in one go, because on average, that’d take 8 or more hours in one go. Instead, we divide it into Sessions, which is a 2-3 hour section of the Quest, generally at a rate of once per week.
All of the below rules are static, regardless of who is DMing.

Freebie Clause
State your actions
DM gives the result, not the player
Party Splits
Effects Outside of Battle
Late players or DMs
Immoral Actions
Main Zelda Characters
Recruiting Moblins
Storyline Continuity
Switching Sides
There are some cases in the game that cannot be really be explained by the general rules due to conflicting items that rarely occur. Since it'd be a pain to circumvent every single circumstance in the rules, if such a conflict arises, the DM gets to say what happens. If the same case seems to keep occurring, WindStrike will alter something to make sure it stops occurring.

Additionally, if a chain ends up too long and confusing, DM is allowed to override and cancel the chain and end the turn. Once again, if the same case consistently happens, WindStrike will alter something to fix it.
You can have as many characters as you want. However, if you attempt to create more than one at a time, we cannot promise support for them all.

Do note that you can only use one character in a quest at a time. That said, if there are multiple quests being run, you actually can be in them at once, provided you have a different character in each quest.
There are a good number of terms used in ZURPG. Here’s a list of terms that you’ll see crop up often:
  • Dice Modifier - The specific dice bonus from the attack itself
  • Attack Dice - A dice bonus that affects all of your attacks
  • Defense Dice - A dice bonus that affects your defending
  • Successes - The result from dice rolled. Increasing damage will not increase the chance of the attack landing.
  • Damage - This is a result of difference in successes. Increasing Successes increases both the chance and damage of the attack.
  • Damage Modifier - A bonus applied specifically to the damage
    • Damage: +3
    • NOTE: If there is neither a ‘+’ or a ‘-‘ in front of the number, then the Damage will be the exact number listed instead of being based on the difference in successes.
  • Effect Damage - Refers specifically to the damage from the result of an effect.
    • EFFECT: Target target takes 1 Neutral Damage for each Defense Dice he has.
  • Attack - A Combat Action. Can be used interchangeably.
  • Hit - A successful roll that the attacker makes in an Attack.
  • Session - This is a section of a quest. Sessions usually last 2-3 hours.
  • Quest - This encompasses all portions and objectives towards reaching the goal. Short quests go about 2-3 sessions. Longer ones go for a month or more.

RE: Rules & Knowledge for ZURPG - WindStrike - 11-18-2013

Out-of-Combat Rules

When it comes to actions outside of battle or sneak attacks, how exactly are they handled? What is rolled, and what does each stat represent? Below are the rules for situations when your characters aren't in combat.

What am I rolling against?
No Perception Checks
Spot Checks
Sneak Attacks