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Writing Experiment 1 - Excitement and Fear - WindStrike - 03-09-2014

Welcome to Writing Experiments! I'm starting this up cause I miss my creative writing classes in college, and trying to meet various people in real life for the same purpose has proven ineffective due to jobs and school and stuff. So now it's up here. I know there's a few of you that are either writers or just really like writing, so... you'll probably enjoy this.

What is Writing Experiments? Essentially, every two weeks, I'll put up a prompt that's experimental in design - you probably wouldn't think to write this way normally, and it's designed to see how well you can adapt to the prompt. It's not a prompt about "oh, do a story about this and this", but rather, a style that alters your writing, and ultimately, it's intended to improve your writing skills.

In response, simply write up a short story, or heck, even a poem. It does not have to be related to ZURPG or even the Zelda universe at all. It can be anything you want it to be... just so long as it isn't NSFW. It can be as short as a page, could be longer, just try not to go too long, unless you really want to. Again, it's mainly experimental, so you don't need to go off on a tangent and create a novel out of it. Anyone that wants to enter, just do the above and post it as a spoiler or as an attached document or however you want to do it.

A note - there is no judging. This is simply something that could potentially improve your writing skills, and a way for us to share our writings with each other. If you haven't done anything of this sort before, you'll realize real fast that there's a lot that everyone can learn from each other. Doesn't matter how inexperienced you are - anyone can learn from anyone.

The prompt this time is... write a story about anything, and any time you would normally write an emotion, replace it with a physical response. Replace "love" with "a hug". Replace "fear" or "excitement" with "he started shaking crazily". Stuff like that. The idea is that instead of blatantly telling the reader the emotions of the characters, you're showing it, but at the same time, you can also mislead any readers.

I ran this experiment a few years ago, and it was my first attempt at a horror story. The people I read it to liked it for the most part, except now they hate me because I ruined "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" for them. Here it is below in the spoiler:
One Fish, Two Fish

Hope you all enjoy writing like this! FYI, even when I start up new experiments every two weeks, you're welcome to come back to any of these and write 'em up.