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FS's ZURPG Todo List (Help Wanted) - FireSeraphim - 01-10-2014

I am writing this list due to the fact that there's a few things that I need to do that I have not finished due to various factors ranging from late night tiredness to getting somewhat occupied with something else.

Edit: I would appreciate some assistance with some of the stuff on this list, the only requirement here is that you have to be familiar with the Classic Castlevania series (not the Lord of Shadows spinoff)

My Todo List
High Priority Items (this stuff needs to be done soon-ish)
  • I have seven shops I need to write up the inventories for and I will be listing where they are and all that jazz.
    • A Shop in Jova (I have already started preliminary work on the Adventurer's Luck general store in Jova)
    • Old Lady Bethina's Potion shop in Veros town
    • Three Shops in Ondol. I was thinking of making each one specialize in a thing
    • Two shops in Alba
    • Soleiyu Belmont's Travelling Weapons and Armour Shop

Medium Priority Items (these are important but can be dealt with as we go along or as needed)
  • I need to write up the NPC data for Armund Danasty and "Powder-Keg"
  • I need to write up more detail individual thread for all six of Romania's town so that potential DM's for future quests in Romania can have a better idea of what each town is like in both appearance and other important nuances, such as who generally lives there and why the place is important. Part of that has already been handled via the creation of maps for each town.
  • I need to write up and expand the bestiary a small bit, basicly I wish to include at least a small amount of the undead, demons and mythical creatures from the classic five (CV1, CV2, CV3, CV4, CVDXROB) as well as some of the unique foes from Castlevania Bloodlines, CVSOTN and Castlevania the Adventure but not too many.

Low Priority Items (these things will not need to be done until the Dracula story arc I'm running begins to kick into high gear)
  • I need to write up the bestiary and stats for the following higher ranking minions of the Count (I have specifically and carefully chosen these high level minions out of three criteria: diversity, boss tier monster potential, and usefulness in narrative purpose but some of these boss class enemies may be subject to change or removal from the list):
    • The Phantom Bat
    • Legion (*"I am Legion for we are many and soon you shall join us")
    • Dr. Frankenstein's Creature
    • Akmoden the Second (The Mummy)
    • The Minotaur
    • The Werewolf
    • Slogra and Gaibon (These two have traditionally appeared together and made their debut appearance in Super Castlevania IV)
    • Medusa
    • The Doppleganger Trio (These three usually take on the form of Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Grant Danasty and first appeared in CVIII: Dracula's Curse, but for ZURPG I am thinking of expanding their doppleganging ability so that they can take any form they need to take. Perfect for carrying out a stealth mission >Grin)
  • I need to write up the stats for both Death and Dracula. Death is supposed to be a roughly level 40-ish boss enemy and Dracula is supposed to be a level 50 boss enemy who is on par with Ganon.

RE: FS's ZURPG Todo List (Help Wanted) - WindStrike - 09-16-2014

Could you put the things you need done in a priority list? AKA, this first, then this, etc. Let's just try to get through this one bit at a time, or else it's an overwhelming amount of work that no one is willing to do.