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Darklink Draws - Darklink42 - 11-17-2013

Well, they're not professional grade illustration work, just pencil sketches, but here and there I get inspired to draw a scene we've encountered or the group that I roll with. I don't know that I'd take comissions (drawing's not my first art, that honor belongs to writing) but as we go along, if inspiration strikes, I'll sketch out new stuff and post up here. And I'll post them to Imgur, so Sephiroth can actually view them. Happysweat

http://imgur.com/M9Hi7aD - Dex, Red Enrics, Nolygots, Kirran, Raine, Vincent, and Bob (the thumbprint on the side)

http://imgur.com/xZtEbJ2 - Kirran is trying to exposition at Christopher Belmont, while Dex gets loudly blown across the room by a trapped coffin.

RE: Darklink Draws - WindStrike - 11-28-2013

Hah, that's some pretty good stuff, though definitely not professional grade, lol. You should totally do one involving Sephiroth and his mighty foot.

RE: Darklink Draws - Sephiroth - 11-29-2013

... Why you little--- ...

* Sephiroth kicks WindStrike out the window.