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IRC Tutorial (for HexChat) - WindStrike - 10-17-2011

The following is a quick tutorial of how to get into ZURPG's channels using HexChat.

First, go here, then grab the latest version, which should be at the top.

[Image: 9385ae734bed497b87d96cbc7a2a446c.png]
When you load it up, it'll bring up a window called "HexChat: Network List". Up at the top of the window, set your names to whatever (it doesn't matter). Then on the right side, click "Add". This will bring up a New Network. Call it whatever you want, and then edit it.

[Image: d5fe8f6987f745d18c3a26cad100d0ad.png]

It will bring up another window called "HexChat: Edit [whatever you called it]". At the top, rename "newserver/6667" to "irc.lunarnet.org" (no quotation marks), then hit 'Enter'.

[Image: 4881eaeebb674915bad1ee9c4d39ef04.png]
Then, click on the "Autojoin channels" tab, and the channels: #zurpg, #zurpgchat, and #zurpgteam.

[Image: 1a0f97e4c49d486db8eb8eb50e7a179a.png]
When you're finished with that window, close it out, click on the network, and click "Connect" in the bottom-right of the "HexChat: Network List" window. This will open up another window that will connect you to the LunarNet network and have you automatically join those channels.
  • #zurpg
    • Channel used for all quests, tutorials, battles, and testing.
  • #zurpgchat
    • Channel used for all sidechat and discussion.
  • #zurpgteam
    • Channel used for discussing tactics and strategy with your team during battle.
Additionally, several people have a common tendency to kick people for fun, because there's usually a hilarious line attached to the kick message. I highly recommend typing "/set irc_auto_rejoin on" when you enter. This will make it so that when you're booted from the channel, you'll automatically rejoin as fast as possible. You only need to do this once per channel, and then you never need to enter it again.

Once you're in, the others in the channel will be able to help with whatever you need.