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Changelog 6-12-13; Version 0.93 - WindStrike - 06-12-2013

While I am releasing the game to more players as a full game, I am not calling it Version 1.00 until the site gets a full visual overhaul. Currently, Sephiroth is working very hard on this, and parts of the site look much better, thanks to him, though there are still a good number of areas that still require the visual update, like Full Edit, User CP, and various other things. The primary visual changes will be noted in the 1.00 changelog.

For any veterans of the game, here's some of the changes that have been done over the last few weeks. I'm not including absolutely all of them, but the main ones.
  • The Enemy Database has expanded from a single thread to a full forum of its own.
    • As you can see from the Enemy Statistics thread, it seems there are a number of holes in the enemies, as well as various redundancies.
    • This won't be fixed immediately, but I'll be sure to start resolving the issue in the coming weeks, especially with the Termina Quest.
  • The Rules & Knowledge for ZURPG have been trimmed.
    • Before the edit, when I transferred it to Microsoft Word, it came to a whopping 25 pages.
    • After the edit, when transferred to Microsoft Word, it dropped to 18 pages while still containing everything you need to know about the game. Lots of unnecessary fluff was cut from it.
  • I don't like doing balance updates on this game often, but I did need to fix some things that were abusable. Also some other stuff.
    • Reverse Cover can now only be used on allies. Thanks to Mizer for demonstrating its near invulnerable use on enemies. Too bad you tried it on a Patra.
    • Death Leech now gives only 6 Hearts and 3 Magic.
      • Before, you could cast Death Leech on a target as an Extra Support Spell and then kill the target in the same turn, for a networth of +6 Hearts and +1 Magic.
      • Now, if you do it in the same turn, the networth will be +6 Hearts and -2 Magic.
    • Cover now lasts until you're hit or you use Cover on someone else.
    • Veil of Flames now causes burn damage in melee combat period, meaning you can attack someone and automatically cause 1 burn damage.
    • Auras now note that only one of its kind can be active at once.
      • Two Rejuvenation Auras, whether they're on two different people or the same person, will only count as one Rejuvenation Aura.
  • I have started a forum containing Guides for writing skills, spell, items, enemies, NPC profiles, and other things for DMing.
    • It is under construction, though I am hoping to have a decent amount of it done by the 1.00 update.
  • Orin XD has added a section in the Rules & Knowledge Forum called Traps, which has been approved by me.
    • Do note that this mechanic has yet to be tested in an actual session, so some things about it might change. For now, it seems a pretty sound idea.

For Version 1.00, you can expect the following.
  • Full visual overhaul of the site in all aspects, thanks to ZURPG's admin, Sephiroth. Kudos to him for an outstanding job and effort already.
  • The Calendar will be integrated into the site better and will play a better role in organizing quests and events.
  • I will be re-opening the community forum section of ZURPG, inclusive of forum rules.
    • It was open for a short time before, so when it's re-opened, you might notice a few things already started in there.
  • The Guides forum should contain more than just Items and will overhaul be organized.

When I get the Termina quest started in roughly 2-3 weeks, I'll be reopening the Termina Shop, which should stay open at all times just like the Hylian Shop. Due to the close proximity of Subrosia Village and its town shop, that shop will also be open 24/7. I still need to add some things to it before I can open it full time.

I will also be adding the Masks mechanic to the game. For now, expect it to be a transformation type mechanic.

I can't guarantee this one, but I also hope to having a crafting mechanic added to the game by then. If not by the start of the Termina quest, then hopefully by the end of it.

And finally, there's a crap ton of stuff I have in a WIP thread that's only visible to myself, Sephiroth and Darte Fellshard right now. This includes a whole bunch of Level 20 things that will be added to the various shops. Speaking of Level 20, any of you getting close can request a Signature Move from me, and to get it, you'll run through a personal mini-quest.
  • And while we're on the subject of Level 20 stuff, there is a drastic jump in insanity throughout the various effects, and likewise, a jump in difficulty (example, see Tier 2 Enemies).