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Traps - Orithan - 06-11-2013

Traps are a new addition to ZURPG. They are objects in the environment that, when triggered, 'attack' you. They can be triggered inside or outside of battle.

General knowledge: Traps, when triggered attack you with a set amount of dice. You roll against them in the same way as you would against normal attacks with the following differences:
  • There are no 'Rolloffs' against traps. If you and the trap scores equal successes, it is deemed to be a miss.
  • Traps do not kill anyone outside of battle. If a trap would cause damage to drop your Hearts to 0, you remain at 1 Heart.
Additionally; traps may be either a set number of times, usually either once or indefinitely.
Traps in battle -
  • In a battle where 'automatic' traps are present, you roll $#d4 (where # represents the number of traps are in the battle) when you make a direct physical attack to determine wherever you trigger the trap(s) or not. There will be usually one trap in a battle if there are any, but some battles have 2 traps or more. Some skills raise or lower your chance of a trap being triggered.
  • If the result is a 1, the trap corresponding to that roll is triggered and you roll the appropriate dice vs the trap's dice on the spot before you roll against your target.
  • Some traps can be triggered manually during your turn.
    • You will be notified at the start of the battle of any traps with manual trigger mechanisms and where they are.
      • Traps with trigger mechanisms on your side of the battle will 'attack' your enemies' side of the battle and vice versa.
  • Traps triggered in this manner have a cooldown period of 1 round. That is, you can not trigger them again until the next round.
  • All players can manually trigger traps, however only a few enemies (those who have the 'Trigger' skill) can manually trigger traps.