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Termina - Clock Town - WindStrike - 06-10-2013

Clock Town is a host to many lives and families. At the center of Termina Field lays a town larger than Hyrule Castle, filled with humans, Zoras, Gorons, Deku Scrubs, and various other inhabitants. In the years following the defeat of Skull Kid and the destruction of the moon, bandit attacks became more and more rampant. Eventually, they expanded Clock Town's walls and built Outer Clock Town. The outer rim covers an area equal to the size of Inner Clock Town, though it's not exactly used for living. Many travelers will set up temporary tents, but very few will go out of their way to try and actually live there, as it's mainly a large, protected passage between two walls.

Recently, due to the link between Hyrule and Termina, bandits have tried various times to infiltrate Clock Town in an attempt to get to Hyrule. Most of them were captured after Princess Zelda sent some of Hyrule Castle's guards to Clock Town to help out, though have no doubtedly managed to sneak through, given the sheer amount of traffic between the two worlds.

Clock Tower used to just be a symbol of time among Clock Town. The top of the tower is normally inaccessible, and the staircase that leads there only opens up once a year at mdnight during the Carnival of Time. Now, with the recent link between Hyrule and Termina, it's become a portal for travelers to cross between realms. It's made people want to explore the inside. There's stairwells to behind the colored glass clock, allowing people to look out through it and see a psychedelically colored Clock Town. As for heading down, the area keeps changing and has been dubbed the "Rotating Dungeon". However, it always seems to lead to one place - a large, vertical tunnel that no one can see the top to. Not even those with the ability to fly have been able to reach the top.