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Termina - Bandits - WindStrike - 06-10-2013

At night, they strike. Be it the fields, the ocean, the mountains, the canyon, or the forest, they're everywhere! Travel alone, and you will most certainly be caught! Dare you fight back, you will not live to see the light of day ever again. Do not resist, and you will lose all but your life.

Although the boundaries of Clock Town were extended and the major passages protected better, there's a large group of bandits that roam the land of Termina through the outskirts and ambush travelers at night. Right after Outer Clock Town was established, the bandits started attacking outside of Termina Field. Ikana Valley was their first new hunting ground. Eventually, they expanded to Snowpeak and Woodfall. It's unknown how large this group is, though they've been known to attack people everywhere in Termina at the same time.

Ever since Hyrule and Termina have been linked, Clock Town has been under constant sabotage and subterfuge attempts. While there's never been one large scale attack, it's clear the bandits want to expand their territory to Hyrule. The idea of a massive "Hyrule Field" that's rarely guarded seems to appeal greatly to them. Supposedly, their plan is to take over Termina and then invade Hyrule.

Among the bandits that have been captured, none of them ever mentioned the existence of a leader. Instead, hired messengers throughout the bandits have allowed parties from around Termina, no matter where they are, to speak to each other and coordinate their attacks. How in the world these messengers can possibly get around Termina so quickly is unknown. One theory is that they're all wearing bunny hoods and have mastered the art of parkour. The other is the use of the Owl Statues scattered through Termina.

Another thing that's never been confirmed is if they have a primary camp. While they do roam a lot and are separated into various parties, no one has ever found a base. There might be the remnants of tents and fires, but that's it.