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Termina - Termina Field - WindStrike - 06-10-2013

Never, anywhere else, will you find a metropolis that's home to a swampy jungle, a canyon, a snowy mountain, and a beach. At the center of Termina lies Clock Town, which has spent the last decade expanding its boundaries. Due to the amount of thieves and bandits that would often lurk at night in Termina Field, catching travelers that dared go around under the moonless field, they made the decision to expand the boundaries. Travelers could then go through the protected outer walls to reach their destination. There was only a short distance between between the outer walls and any of the northern, eastern, southern or western passages.

When Link defeated Skull Kid, the moon was destroyed with him. 7 years later, the moon suddenly returned to the sky, though without the horrifying face. When Hyrule and Termina were linked 3 years later, it was theorized that, after sharing the Legends of Link, that Ganondorf's defeat in Hyrule had something to do with the moon returning. Unlike the previous moon, it's not bent on destroying the world.

Now, Termina Field mainly consists of transitioning pathways from area to another. The southern and eastern halves border a large forest that extends from Woodfall to Ikana. Various woodland tribes exist in the forests between them, be them primitive humans, a tribe of Skull Kids (peaceful, unlike the ones in the Lost Woods), several tribes of Deku Scrubs, and a few small Moblin territories. Very rarely do bandits try to catch people off guard in the fields anymore - for one, the moon provides a source of light at night, and the paths to the major areas are overlooked by guards.