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RE: Death by etc. - Sephiroth - 11-03-2013

Death in Improv Dungeons:

  1. Skulltula also gets his auto-counterattack.
    • Skulltula instead, gets confused by Mumble and just ... dies.
  2. Stalchild1 crumbles to dust under the force of Harvey's Axe.
  3. This is why you don't magic stalchildren.
    • Ares throws another Water Blast at Stalchild2!
    • Stalchild2 explodes!
      • Stalchild realized it was made from Xbox One and exploded spontaneously, Xboning everyone and continuing to fail miserably as it barely scratches anyone.
  4. DM Forgetting about Wizzrobes' Phasing.
    • RedWizzrobe rolls. ... Wait, it has no power.
    • RedWizzrobe dies from the bomb blast.
    • RedWizzrobe fades away.
  5. Stalfos1 is smacked squarely upside the head with the boomerang and crumbles under its force.
    • Stalfos1 however, does reanimate the Red Wizzrobe.
  6. RedWizzrobe turns the base of his wand to Focused mode, and fires a blast of magic at Firiann.
    • Firiann is disintegrated.
    • Firiann spits a seed at Ares' head with her dying breath.
    • Firiann is startled as she suddenly awakes, a fairy wing sticking out of her mouth.
  7. RedWizzrobe gets struck by the whip, and is whipped into oblivion.
  8. Stalfos2 is stuck by the magical blast and disentegrates into dust.
  9. Aquamentus is whipped to death.
    • Aquamentus 's corpse explodes into a gorey mess.

RE: Death by etc. - Orithan - 12-15-2013

Some deaths that I managed to salvage and are well and truly overdue to be posted, that is before the previous post:

  1. Fishmen2 is torn apart via the psyonic attack
    • Oliander prays for Fishman's soul to rest in peace in the afterlife.
  2. Fishmen3 falls on it's scaly rump as the spell strikes it
  3. Fishmen1 croaks his last as it bleeds to death in the water
  4. Fishman1 croaks his last as it crumbles into a heap
  5. Fishman2 is reduced to to mere ashes by Hal's wand
  6. Nova_Skeleton is reduced to skeleton shrapel as the hammer impacts it...
  7. Nova_Skeleton3 was caught off guard and cumbled into dust
  8. Nova_Skeleton5 crumbles into dust.
  9. Nova_Skeleton4 crumbles as the skull smacks it into the skull
  10. Nova_Skeleton2 crumbles into dust
  11. Axe_Armour crumbles into a pile of armour pieces and platemail
  12. Baby_Dodongo is skewered through the body and blows up at everybody
    • Green_Enrics explodes and dies
  13. Lynel tried to graze Flandre's Damaku but failed, having no bombs left.
  14. Hydra was kicked by Sephiroth before it could be blown to pieces by magic

Lines from my scrollback that happened today:
  1. Icerobe is cleaved in half from the Axe.
    • To the side, in the cove, you see an Ice Elemental lying in wait.
    • *Your [Harvey's] axe cleaves and hits the IceElemental!*
    • IceElemental does not have Protect back as it is blasted into bits of ice from Harvey's vicious axe.

Water Temple shenanigans:

  1. Keaton_Beserker is set on flames and tries to put them out in the water, but dies before he hit the water.
  2. Keaton_Sorcerer tried to activate Spectral Barrier, not realising she ran out of magic. Meanwhile, Silvio's Bomb arrow blows her head right off.

RE: Death by etc. - WindStrike - 09-05-2015

From tutorial with Tyria, Nimono, Flareclaw, and Lunaria.
  1. * GreenGel spontaneously explodes as a rumble passes by. RUMBLE IN THE GEL COVERED JUNGLE!
  2. * GreenChuChu explodes, and from its remains, GreenGel returns!
    • * GreenGel thinks that hopping in the same direction 3 times in a row will keep it alive, but apparently, the laws of physics dictate that if Gels exist, they also must die in Michael Bay fashion.
    • * GreenGel's remains splatter over Navi, who then also explodes, and then fireworks were born. Yay happiness!*
  3. * GreenChuChu is about to bounce back when it sudden regurgitates its own guts into its gooey blood, exploding once again.
  4. * GreenGel looks into its own shadow, only to find a PSI Strike of doom eating its shadow. It ceases to exist as Lunaria becomes Killer of Gel's Dreams.
  5. * GreenGel incinerates before physics can even register GreenGel's existence.
  6. * WhiteGel is cursed the ability to speak, which apparently comes naturally with death for all Gel!
  7. * BlueGel decides to just stop existing. It decides maybe life wasn't its best option, so.... maybe BlueGel should just unappear and unexist.
  8. * Keese is incinerated yet again, but before its soul is able to ascend, KEESE AND CO. swoops down from the sun and burns its soul to nothingness.
  9. * Darknut just decides to crumble under the weight of Nimono's epicness as the PSI Quake rips its body apart.
  10. *You leap up into the sky and return with a punch that rivals the heavens, punching Wizzrobe with a deafening BAM!, causing it to explode in Michael Bay fashion. You land with fireworks blasting behind you.

RE: Death by etc. - WindStrike - 09-07-2015

From tutorial with Mus, Serra, Alexander, and Charizard.
  1. * GreenChuChu just..... succumbs to explosive overkill deathkill as Alexander slices the crap out of it. Its remains drown in its own gooey blood.
  2. * GreenGel1 also decides to just explode and drown its soul in the remains of both itself and the dead ChuChu's corpse. Congrats, there's now a lake of green goo.
  3. * GreenGel2 is split in half, its remaining remains splattering on the wall created by KEESE AND CO. The wall's soul ascends to the sun while all the goos just burn into burnination.
  4. * BlackGel decides to just fade into the darkness as a sword passes through whatever might have existed of BlackGel. I sense racism here.
  5. * GreenGel is sliced cleanly in half as Alexander's ACCAK rips it in half using his ACCAKERATING SORD.
  6. * WhiteGel is vaporized as St. Elimine's light turns its ironic remains into light.
  7. * Keese splatters against the wall set up by KEESE AND CO. earlier! Oh the lovely irony of it all!
  8. * Wizzrobe suddenly experiences a lagspike as God descends Charizard's wrath on Wizzrobe, spontaneously exploding into fireworks.
  9. * Before Darknut is able to leap back at Serra, its life flashes before its eyes (literally) as Silver the Hedgehog flashes by. IT'S NO USE!

RE: Death by etc. - WindStrike - 09-11-2015

From the quest Ordeal in Ordon:
  1. * Flareclaw, you attempt to cast Flamestrike.... instead, a little spark bounces out from your hands. It flies towards MoblinArcher.*
    • <MoblinArcher> Hah! A little SPARK will not harm me-
    • * The instant the spark comes in contact with MoblinArcher, the poor pigling is engulfed in agonizing flames, causing his body to turn to a cinder of ashes and explode.*
    • *It seems Flareclaw casted PSI Flare as a spark. Genius sir.*
  2. * Lunaria, your barrier blast of destruction encapsulates Moblin2 inside of a barrier too small for its existence, much like a Pokeball. However, instead of being captured, Moblin2 implodes into a bundle of.... let's not describe that sight.*
  3. * Moblin1's attempts to worship Flareclaw succeed... by worshipping his extremely powerful fire magic. Moblin1's soul attempts to ascend into heaven, but the smoke from its burning corpse chokes the soul and causes the soul to explode.*
  4. * DarkOrdonGuard2 slashes Flareclaw in half from his advanced attack.
    • * Flareclaw has opted not to use his fairy as he remains cut in half on the ground.*
  5. * DarkOrdonGuard1 is zapped to the bone, frying to charred corpse... but not a human corpse. The thunderspark blast knocks its sword conveniently into the prison behind it.
  6. * Flareclaw, your revival flares a spark in your core as you fling a deafening blast of doom at DarkOrdonGuard2 right as a sword is flung from the prison. The sword impales DarkOrdonGuard2 from behind right as the blast strikes. It causes the sword to literally explode inside of DarkOrdonGuard2, whose body disintegrates in a deadly reaction to death.
  7. * The second one, eager to feed, apparently dives headfirst down the hatch and experiences a floor to the head, breaking his neck on impact. CONGRATS, YOU LURED AN ENEMY TO KILL ITSELF BY FALL DAMAGE!*
  8. * Just then, the bombs go off, making Michael Bay proud and engulfing the guards in explosions. If that didn't finish them, some conveniently placed structural damage falls on them, finishing them off.

RE: Death by etc. - WindStrike - 08-27-2016

From a recent refresher tutorial:
  • * GreenChuChu attempts to commit seppuku by swallowing its own head with its googly eyes, but it's pierced by a blade that breaks the heavens before its googly eyes can react. Nice green jello you made there!
  • * The ground receives the bouncy green basketball and takes no damage, but the laws of physics say that for any force applied to anything, an equal and opposite reaction is applied back. Courtesies of the DM getting hungry and using the force on the ground, GreenGel1 doesn't just bounce off... it skyrockets into the ceiling, splattering across the entire room and turning it green with envy.
  • * DM picks up Darte successfully. * DM uses Darte as a projectile like the Dart he is and fires him directly at GreenGel2! *GreenGel2 spontaneously explodes, and Darte is no longer a healthy fish. Too bad that heal from earlier wasn't enough.
  • * Poe attempts to damage delay it with the power of its Desync. However, combined with Anyastasia's sheer lag force, it causes even EA's Customer Service Support to cry tears of endless Blizzard game delays. The tears fall with such great force, that lag itself travels backwards in time, revives Jesus with an endless respawn timer, reverts time back to unexistence, and I give you a hamburger. Poe will live only to get Heartless Angel'd. Poe attempts to call EA's Customer Service desk for help, but its cry for attention is cut short by a massive barrier of flames that instantly incinerates all of its remaining hopes and replacing its remains with a hamburger.
  • * WindKeese, despite having the power to control time around itself via hax, is unable to prevent Hal's spear from obliterating its remaining ability to fly away.
  • * RedDarknut manages to throw Infernal Nightmare at a target outside of the barrier. As a result, it throws itself as well into the Infernal Nightmare which then redirects to itself, thus causing a black hole to appear to suck in both Red Darknut and the Infernal Nightmare. However... because RedDarknut is inside of the Infernal Nightmare, Black Hole cannot suck in RedDarknut, and thus Infernal Nightmare paradoxes the Black Hole into a boot to the head as DM eat's Poe's tasty hamburger remains. As a result, RedDarknut throws Infernal Nightmare at itself back to himself to the boot outside of itself back to the future into a lovely walrus that snorts itself as the universe reasserts itself. Michael Bay's applause from the Implosion ^ 5 effect distorts the concept of all explosions, and thus, Bob Ross is now painting the calming destruction of existence ^ existence.
    • * TL;dr, RedDarknut dies.

RE: Death by etc. - Sephiroth - 09-16-2016

Death in the Crypt of the Damned:
  • *Giant Skulltula suddenly spontaneously combusts into shadows as Bob waltzes right up to it and pokes it. Its spirit heads off to the sun where KEESE AND CO denies it the enlightening it deserves, and thus ends up in eternal torment knowing it was done in by a simple poke.
  • *Wolfos, having seen better days, gets set ablaze by the great Valoo's fire as it's incinerated into ashes. Its spirit joins KEESE AND CO on the sun where it gets enlightened about how much of a failure it really is.

RE: Death by etc. - Orithan - 09-30-2017

  • Windfish Illusionist gets knocked out immediately as Wolfgang spares it
  • Eyegore 1 finds itself with a rock piercing the eye. With the rock piercing a eye, the Eyegore is blind, flailing its arms aimlessly before it falls down and explodes as that rock turns into a Geodude
  • Eyegore grabs Firiann with its triple lasers and tosses her through the roof. All the way up and up until Firiann begins to enter a world filled with trippy cross-shaped objects rotating around. As you pass through the world, you meet a Keese. Congratulations, you now join KEESE & CO in enlightening all others.
  • Eyegore2 gets knocked off its legs again, crashing into one of the statues of the Windfish. Said statue shatters as the Eyegore lands in the hole it made. Team Corsava scored Par!
  • Wolfgang is crushed by the sheer force of Firiann Fellshard crashing into him. COP KILLER!
  • Corsava throws a dead Wolfgang onto a Fairy:
    • <Corsava> *carries Wolfgang over to the fairy*
      *Wolfgang is revived*
      *But the fairy is crushed underneath in the process*
      *Because of this fairycide, Wolfgang recovers to 8 Hearts instead of the usual 3 Hearts*

RE: Death by etc. - Orithan - 10-14-2017

  • <MarakZaroya> So, when I brought Garudo in, I left his neck in the doorway, I've been hoping for this.
    • *HYPEMAN pulls the lever down to Ground floor*
    • *Garudo ends up decapitated*
  • Windfish Enforcer rakes Firiann up from behind with his Boomerang as it soared across the room and above the mist... until it returned with Firiann no longer in tow.
  • Windfish Illusionist gets cleaved right through the middle, Corsava butchering yet another cultist with a Down Thrust
  • ShyGuy 4 gets clobbered to death, being slammed into the floor as a little pancake
  • Shyguy 3 is thrown at Shyguy 2, the two red-robed figures colliding with each other directly. As they collide, their Thorns sprout out in succession; creating a recursive loop. As it continues, they begin to implode into each other until nothing remained and Orithan replaces them with a hamburger.
  • Firiann, with a resounding strike at the hinge of the bell, sends the bell crashing down onto the ground; crushing Windfish Enforcer in the process. As the bell lands, it smashes into many fragments; wiping out the Shyguy. In the admist of the rubble one can see the splattered and fiery remains of a Deku Scrub