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ZURPG Behind the Scenes: Good ideas in 2017, bad ideas in 2022 - Orithan - 05-29-2022

Shelled Shield
  • INFORMATION: This item is an Artifact
  • REQUIREMENTS: Only Kooker can equip and wield this shield.
  • DESCRIPTION: A large golden shield, it’s face being armored with plates that resemble a tortoiseshell pattern. It provides good defense against regular attacks, but it is powerful at protecting yourself against Magic.
    • Defense Dice: +3
    • EFFECT: Magic attacks aimed at you lose half their positive Dice & Damage Modifiers.
This was going to be carried by a boss minion in the Nightmare campaign and designed to be fought by a team of low level players. Naturally, this would throw everything out of whack if it was introduced today because, well, you can see what the Pendant of Warding did every time it showed up.

Claws of the Hound
  • INFORMATION: These gauntlets are an Artifact
  • REQUIREMENTS: Two free hands and only Bush can equip them
  • DESCRIPTION: A pair of steel gauntlets that were specifically designed to be worn over Bush hands. They are large and bulky, with each digit of the gauntlets ending in a razor-sharp red claw that is more than capable of slicing through bone. These claws can also be enchanted with Magic, lending their EFFECTS to it’s attacks.
    • EFFECT: Before you attack, you can opt to enchant the claws by casting an Offensive Spell onto them at the cost of your Support Action. Any attacks using these claws then gain any EFFECTS that spell had.
      • Until the end of your turn or the EFFECTS are applied once.
    • Swipe:
      • DESCRIPTION: Swipe a target twice, raking them with the gauntlets’ sharp claws. You roll twice while the target rolls only once to defend.
      • Roll your Power +8 dice vs. targets' Power dice
        • Damage: Halved
        • EFFECT: If both swipes hit, the second swipe deals +0 Damage instead of Halved Damage
      • Crush:
        • DESCRIPTION: Grab a target and crush whatever part of them you are holding by gripping them in the claws; tearing large chunks out as you dislodge your claws.
        • Roll your Power dice vs. targets' Power dice
          • Damage: +0
          • EFFECT: If it hits, the target loses 7 Hearts (Stat).
          • IF FAIL: Target gets an automatic counterattack.
This was Bush Bao's, a character we saw only once at the very beginning of the Temple of the Windfish, personal weapon. While I never gave him spells (his allies would have been enchanting spells onto it), it's enchant ability would have been real nutty with stat dropping spells in the lategame. The caveat being that you would've had to get him to tag along with you or find a way to get him killed.

Mystic Lantern
  • INFORMATION: This item is an Artifact
  • DESCRIPTION: A large Poe Lantern; which is now brimming with dark magical flames burning strongly within. You can sell part of your soul to override your defense with Wisdom or you can Brand yourself and a target to BURN.
    • Defense Dice: +4
    • Soul Defense:
      • RESTRICTIONS: This can only be used once per battle
      • COSTS: 2 Magic
      • EFFECT: When defending, you can override your defending stat with Wisdom.
    • Brand:
      • REQUIREMENTS: Fire
      • DESCRIPTION: Brand both yourself and the target with a light flame… which reacts to other flames.
        • Roll your Wisdom +4 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
          • Neutral Damage: 5
          • Self Neutral Damage: 2
          • EFFECT: If it hits, the next instances of Neutral Damage you and the target receive are doubled.
A lantern Penelope, Hal's supposed "rival" and also made the same appearance Bush did, had. Doubling anything is a bad idea. This was written during a time where Neutral Damage was supposed to be kept to low levels and I thought it would have been fine. I would not want to imagine what Melizea could have gotten up to with this...

Cursed Medallion
  • INFORMATION: This is a Mythical Artifact.
  • DESCRIPTION: A shiny magical medallion with a powerful curse locked inside of it. Can use the Great Curse ability.
    • Magic: +3/3
    • Magic Costs: Halved for any Shadow Spell that you use, but not other Shadow abilities
    • Great Curse:
      • COSTS: 10 Magic
      • DESCRIPTION: With a couple of brief flashes, the Cursed Medallion churns out a sphere of hate and grudge. hitting everyone in the battle without the Shadow Affinity.
      • Roll your Wisdom +5 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
        • Damage: +0
        • EFFECT: Everyone hit gets Support Blocked:
          • Negate the next EFFECT to the target caused by a Support Action, which then removes Support Blocked.
In the same vein as the Ether Medallion Silvio carried and Darte's Tide Medallion, this had a powerful hit all effect. This would have needed to get nerfed like the Tide Medallion was. It was going to be carried by a mysterious NPC who probably would have made it into the Abei & Ama campaign as an ally.

Magic Armor
  • INFORMATION: This is a Mythical Artifact.
  • DESCRIPTION: Created by Marlo, the Magic Armor is a large suit of magical armor that renders the wearer almost impervious to damage… as long as they have money to maintain it!
    • Armor: +16
    • EFFECT 1: Whenever you get hit by an attack, this armor consumes 30 Rupees per point of damage blocked by this armor.
      • Magic Armor’s Armor bonus is factored in after all other forms of Armor you have.
      • If you run out of Rupees while wearing this armor, you become perpetually Immobilized and unable to defend against attacks until you unequip the armor.
    • EFFECT 2: This can not be unequipped until either the battle ends or you run out of Rupees.
When was this Rupee cost ever relevant in the lategame?

Sanic the Edgeclaw
One day I decided to make a joke NPC based off Sonic the Hedgehog and, boy, he would have been a terrible idea in modern ZURPG with all of the stuff he could have contributed to fights even with his non-fight statline.