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6 - Donation Pool - WindStrike - 08-26-2021

About the Donation Pool
The following items are Artifact drops which nobody have claimed as of yet. As such, all the items in this section are free and available for anyone to take between sessions.

If the Artifact in question was a Personal Item owned by someone now dead, you can pay Rupees to remove that REQUIREMENT. Conversion prices for Personal Items:
  • Artifact-level Personal Items can be converted at a rate of 1500 Rupees per item.
  • Mythical Artifact-level Personal Items can be converted at a rate of 5000 Rupees per item.
  • Legendary Artifact-level Personal Items can be converted at a rate of 20000 Rupees per item.

Spellweave Plate
  • INFORMATION: This item is a Mythical Artifact
  • DESCRIPTION: A highly iridescent armor coated in moondust paint flashing in all colors as you walk. Whenever you spend an Affinity, it flashes in that color. It provides decent protection, and you can use Empower Defense when you're attacked. Can also use the Luna Deliverance ability.
    • Armor: +6
    • EFFECT: At the start of the battle, grants two of the following Affinities: Water, Fire, Nature, Light, Shadow.
    • Empower Defense:
      • COSTS: One of your Affinities
        • The spent Affinity returns to you at the start of the next round.
      • EFFECT: Before you roll your defense roll, you can trigger this, based on which Affinity you spent:
        • Water: Negate an EFFECT attacker has on their attack.
        • Fire: Attacker takes 5 Neutral Damage.
        • Nature: You gain 10 Armor.
        • Light: Roll $1d3. If the result is a 1, the attacker's attack automatically misses.
        • Shadow: Attacker rolls twice and is forced to take the lower roll. Rerolls do not affect this.
        • Spirit: If you successfully defend, you get an automatic counterattack regardless of difference in successes.
    • Luna Deliverance:
      • COSTS: All of your Affinities, and 4 Magic per Affinity spent
        • Any spent Affinities return to you after the end of your next turn.
      • CHARGE: 1 Action per (# of Affinities used - 1)
        • Begin charging by flaring up in colors corresponding to the affinities used.
      • DESCRIPTION: Once fully charged, blast your enemies with as many Affinities as you have charged! Each attack targets one enemy. If multiple attacks target the same enemy, target rolls once to defend.
        • Roll your Wisdom +8 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
          • Damage: +0
          • EFFECT: Before you roll your defense roll, you can trigger this, based on which Affinity you spent:
            • Water: Target loses 7 Courage
            • Fire: Target loses 7 Hearts (Stat)
            • Nature: Target loses 7 Power
            • Light: Target loses 7 Wisdom
            • Shadow: Siphon 5 from any stat.
            • Spirit: Target loses 7 Magic (Stat)
Add Spellweave Plate to your Armors
Dark Keaton Lord Silk
  • INFORMATION 1: This item is a Mythical Artifact
  • INFORMATION 2: This item is afflicted by Fierce Deity's Influence. The longer you have it, the more it exerts influence over you.
  • DESCRIPTION: A large set of spiritual robes which glow in an eerie crystal blue aura; bearing a dulled symbol of the Keaton Army embroided on it. Said to contain the soul of the old Bandit King, it appears to have been corrupted by the influence the Twilight Scimitar held on Thoughter into a powerful tool of influence and dominion.
    • Basic Protection:
      • EFFECT: Anyone attacking you with a positive Dice Modifier has it reduced by 6 (down to a minimum of 0)
    • Augmented Protection:
      • COSTS: 5 Magic to maintain at the start of each round
      • EFFECT: Anyone attacking you loses their positive Dice Modifier
    • Keaton Command:
      • DESCRIPTION: The spirit of the robe flares out, hitting everyone else in the area. This power forces everyone else to respect the power of the Bandit King
      • Roll your Wisdom +5 dice vs. targets' Power dice
        • Damage None
        • EFFECT 1: Target(s) hit lose 6 Dice when targeting you on their next turn.
        • EFFECT 2: Additionally, any Keaton hit are forced to obey your orders on their next turn
Add Dark Keaton Lord Silk to your Robes