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Galleon Shiranami - Forgotten Third Eye - 06-25-2021

Galleon Shiranami
  • Power: 0 (+0)
  • Courage: 0 (+0)
  • Wisdom: 0 (+0)
  • Hearts: 300/300 (+0)
  • Magic: 500/1000 (+0)
  • Initiative: $init 1d10
  • Attack Dice: 0
  • Defense Dice: 0
  • Armor: 20
Affinities: None
Origin: ZURPG
It was originally manned by a group of Zolas that were terrorizing Northern Kokiri, but an encounter with a "mysterious unlucky Meteor" vaporized half the crew, giving you guys a medium-sized Galleon that can trek through wider rivers. At 100 feet long, 30 feet wide, and several decks deep, it's capable of transporting your currently combined Kokiri, Zola, & Keaton army.

The Galleon possesses a number of armaments, but its most notable features are a large, purple orb known as the Lightning Generator, as well as a forward Lightning Cannon capable of incredible destruction (though it has yet to be fired once). The generator powers the ship's functions, most notably its movement, the power behind the cannon, and a protective shield. Its origins remain unknown, though Melizea seems to not only recognize its tech but can understand it. With her recently reforged Fiammetta Drive Blade, she's able to access more ship functions - and perhaps, reveal more about her own origins.
Lightning Generator
  • REQUIREMENTS: Must have at least 5 Zolas or Zoras nearby, using their Bio-Electric Fields to connect with it
    • Be careful. If too many are connected at once, too many shared thoughts may end up scrambling their minds.
  • COSTS: 25 Magic per round
  • DESCRIPTION: On the topside of the ship, resting between the Mast and the Lightning Cannon is the Lightning Generator, a large, purple orb of mysterious origins. It's intricately connected to all of the ship's functions, absolutely requiring it to remain powered in order to do anything. It also supports three slots for Materia, enabling it to use different ship functions. Technically, the shape of a Materia doesn't exactly fit the slot, but it's close enough.
    • Magic Regen: +5 per person connected with a Bio-Electric Field
    • Materia Functions:
      • WIP
Ship and Army Loadout
Galleon Dimensions: 100 feet long, 30 feet wide, three lower decks, a captain’s cabin, a full mast and crow’s nest.

    A mysterious Lightning Generator that can power various ship functions, though it’s currently running on partial capacity
    • x1 Lightning Cannon
    • x10 Turret Ports
    • Deku Scrub armor plating. As in, the exterior is covered in a mix of steel plates and the faces of Deku Scrubs. It’s quite sturdy!
    • Full Mast with Crow’s Nest
    • Captain’s Cabin
    • Middle Deck, used for storage/supplies. There’s also sniper ports on the sides, for shooting projectiles out of.
    • Lower Deck 1, split into a hall and x10 Crew Quarters, each one capable of holding 4 people
    • Lower Deck 2, split into a hall and x10 Crew Quarters, each one capable of holding 4 people
  • Army:
    • x50 Kokiri Melee/Ranged Combat
    • x50 Kokiri for Support/Provisions
      • These folks will stay on the ship and handle repairs, outfitting the ship to your specifications, and handling recovery stations.
    • x20 Zola Melee/Spellcaster Combat
    • x5 Zola Technicians
      • Can handle more technical upgrades to the ship, especially pertaining the Lightning Generator
    • x20 Keatons led by Memphis
      • Split between Mages and a Vanguard force, they’ll focus on protecting the ship from attacks, and helping with ranged firepower.
      • Note that Memphis will insist on taking command of them herself.
「 」 = Out-of-Character Notes (if any)
( ) = In-Character Notes
Green (lime) Text = Completed
Yellow Text = In Progress
Assume diagrams are included alongside the descriptions.
Also assume technological structures don't go beyond the Renaissance/Victorian/Steampunk baseline (mostly to prevent it from looking/being too futuristic/advanced).
Also also assume retrofitting some rudimentary/primitive materials to style.
Adjust any size/measurements as needed.

Notes on Future Specifications and Adjustments Wrote:Primary Importance:
  • Gears and shafts for transmitting mechanical/rotational energy.
    • We can salvage Spinners for the gear-pieces or for measuring out the gear-teeth for alternate-sized gears (or even constructing our own sturdy gears).
    • If we connect a large gear to a smaller gear via the teeth, the bigger gear can drive the smaller gear, making the small gear turn faster than the big one, increasing speed.
      • Sturdier gears and shafts may be necessary for the increased speed, to prevent burn-up and other hazards.
    • Connecting multiple, similar-sized gears next to each other via the teeth and transfer energy across gears, allowing us to readjust positioning and transfer.
      • Alternatively, shafts connected to the middle part of the gear can also transfer energy across large distances, but the shaft would need to be sturdy and long enough to withstand itself.
    • If we have the proper materials, we could alternatively create a "wrapping" around two gear-teeth across from each other for energy transfer. This would require flexible- and sturdy-enough materials, but could alleviate having to use multiple shafts and gears everywhere.
  • Waterwheels for transferring energy from the waters into mechanical/rotational energy for the rest of the ship.
    • These can be made with either scrap Shovels or Shields for "pushing" the wheel, and wood or sturdier material for the actual wheel portion.
    • This should be located somewhere near the back of the ship, somewhat submerged into the water.
    • Should be connected to gears and shafts to transfer the energy.
  • Two sets of paddle-wheels to aid in ship movement.
    • These can be made with a similar structure as the waterwheels.
    • One set will aid in forward/backward traversal movement (around the middle-front sides of the ship), the other supporting rotational movement (closer to the middle side of the ship).
    • Both wheels are to be hooked up with gears and shafts that transfer rotational energy.
      • The paddle-wheel set for rotating the ship can be hooked up to a steering-wheel structure somewhere on the deck.
    • We could include a third set for traversal movement if needed.
  • Windmill-like panes/sails to capture wind energy and convert it into mechanical energy.
    • This will rotate on the vertical axis, as opposed to the traditional horizontal-axis most of us are used to.
    • The panes/sails should be large enough to capture any potential wind for energy.
      • There should be at least two sails, rotated 180-degrees from the concave (inward curving) portion (making an "S" shape).
        • We might want to "push" the sails towards the center, so they somewhat overlap each other, allowing as much potential wind to hit the sails as possible 「kind of like a Savonius-styled wind turbine, for reference」.
      • Ideally, the sails should be twisted as we go upwards, so the wind captured from the top doesn't interfere too much with the wind captured from the bottom (like a spring, I suppose).
        • Alternatively, we could segment the sails into three sets, each one 60-degrees from the bottom-most one, rotated away from the concave shape 「or four sets, each 45-degrees」.
      • These panes/sails don't have to be perfectly curved, just close enough so we can maximize the amount of captured wind.
    • The panes/sails should be made of lightweight yet sturdy material to withstand any potential damage.
    • We can repurpose the mast as support if we so choose.
    • An additional wind-capturing device may be implemented if needed (can be smaller if wanted).
    • We should have at least 10-15 feet of vertical space to walk underneath and around, the structure will be pretty large.
  • Mechanical Flywheel, made of sturdy material to aid in smoothing out energy transfer.

Trade Secret:
「Perhaps make the diagram/description as vague as possible?」
  • Mechanical-to-Electrical Conversion.
    • WARNING: This should be a trade secret, destroy any and all documents related to this once completed to prevent information leakage. We do not want this information going into the wrong hands.
    • We'll use magnets salvaged from Magnetic Gloves to aid in this.
    • We hook up the magnets to some shaft so it spins around at an axis. As long as the magnet is spinning/moving, it will adjust the electromagnetic field, allowing electricity/lightning to course through wiring and into the Lightning Generator. 「Thanks Michael Faraday!」
    • We should have some static wire-coils placed strategically around the area in sets of three, each set about 60-degrees from the previous set, and each set having two coils opposite of each other.
    • The wiring should not be too close to the magnet, so about 10/15 feet away should do the trick.
    • This structure will likely be large, so it should be placed somewhere inside the ship, encased in some insulation such as wood or glass.
    • We can include a secondary convertor if necessary, but they should NOT be within 50 feet of each other to prevent issues.
    • It's recommended we also insulate the wires to prevent shocking others or potential jumps from one source to another. This is extremely hazardous, and should be avoided.

  • Multiple sets of two pedals (cranks/levers operated via foot), connected to gears 「like a uni-/bi-cycle pedal」.
    • Maybe include some sort of seating in just in case.
    • Pedals should be made of sturdy material to withstand somebody on it.
    • Allows us to transfer some additional energy to our ship.
  • Miniature windmills.
    • Mostly for anybody with wind magic to operate and send energy to our ship.
Lightning Cannon
  • COSTS: 500 Magic
  • CHARGE: 2 Rounds
    • Begin charging by drawing power from the Lightning Generator. As it charges, bolt of lightning physically shoot out from the generator to the cannon, zapping anything in their path as the cannon amasses power.
    • During this time, lightning will arc into nearby land and water, anchoring the ship. As a result, the Galleon will become completely stationary and cannot move.
  • DESCRIPTION: Once charged, unleash a devastating beam attack, capable of pulverizing through anything! Hits everything in its path... which is capable of being a very long path. Be careful where you aim this thing:
    • Roll $500d10. Targets in the path choose how they want to defend against it.
    • Damage: +100
Lightning Shield
  • COSTS: 25 Magic per round
  • DESCRIPTION: A protective barrier surrounds the ship, zapping melee attackers and protecting against oncoming projectiles!
    • EFFECT 1: Any unauthorized persons passing through the shield automatically receive 5 Neutral Damage.
    • EFFECT 2: Absorbs up to 75 Unguarded Damage per round.
      • If it takes more damage than that in a single round, the shield will remain inactive until next round.
Deku Scrub Hull Plating
  • FYI: This does not protect against attacks from above
  • DESCRIPTION: The Galleon's outer hull is guarded by a mix of steel plates and the faces of Deku Scrubs, all scarred and battered. Not only does it do an incredible job at protecting against attacks, but it's generally terrifying to look at. Should the ship take significant damage though, its Armor will start falling to pieces.
    • 201 to 300 Hearts: +20 Armor
    • 101 to 200 Hearts: +10 Armor
    • 1 to 100 Hearts: 0 Armor
    • 0 Hearts: We call this Dead
    • Note, each time the Armor falls below a threshold, simple repairs will not bring it back. You'll need to replace the Armor materials entirely.
Clawshot Turret
  • Amount: 10
  • REQUIREMENTS: Someone to man it
  • DESCRIPTION: It's like a large Crossbow Turret, but instead of firing Bolts, it launches a three-pronged claw with a long 100-foot chain attached to it, allowing you to pull things towards it. Hits one target.
    • Roll your Power +15 dice vs. targets' Power dice
      • Damage: None
      • EFFECT: If it hits, target is reeled onto the ship.
        • Additionally, as long as they're chained by the Clawshot Turret, they lose 5 Defense Dice.
Magnetic Gloves
  • Amount: 2
  • SELL VALUE: 250 Rupees
  • INFORMATION: This item is passive. Having it in your inventory is enough for its effects.
  • DESCRIPTION: A pair of metallic gloves that gives you the power to magnetically push or pull other metallic objects, dependent on the relative size between yourself and the object. Can use the Magnetic Push or Magnetic Pull abilities.
    • Magnetic Push:
      • Roll your Power +5 dice vs. targets' Power dice
        • Damage: None
        • EFFECT: If it hits, then as long as you continue to channel this, neither you nor the target can move or attack.
          • DURATION: Until you attack or defend.
    • Magnetic Pull:
      • Roll your Power +5 dice vs. targets' Power dice
        • Damage: None
        • EFFECT: If it hits, steal target's equipped handheld items.
Magical Bone Dust
  • Amount: 100
  • DESCRIPTION: A bottle of magical bone dust from the remains of a Stalfos.
    • EFFECT: Pour it over a dead target to bring them back to life with 1 Heart.