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6-19-21: The Return - WindStrike - 04-14-2021

All across the land, the war has raged on. Within hardly a day, half of Kakariko Village has been vaporized, Kokiri Forest has numerous impact craters, Gerudo Valley no longer exists, and Death Mountain has all but melted. The Mask Man's forces have overrun most of the land, and now he has his sights set on taking down the Zoras, the Moblins, and those pesky Hylians hiding behind a grand shield of light.

Unbeknownst to the invaders though, the forces of Hyrule have begun to rally. Recovering in the Old Shadow Temple lies the combined forces of the Sheikah, the Gorons, and some of Hyrule City's guards. On the outskirts of Kokiri Forest, a group adventurers have banded together an unlikely combination of Kokiri, the hungry Zolas, and the Keatons, all on a boat with unknown technology that's somehow familiar to Melizea, whose origins hail from a far land.

However, several unknown threats loom on the horizon. The blue version of Dark Link has revealed that he's alive and well. The Mask Man has been taking extra measures to get through the barrier of light faster despite the fact he's already winning. And Darte seems to have picked up an unsettling connection with Bloodwind, whose motives and whereabouts remain unknown.

With the cloud of darkness above Hyrule ever growing and consuming the land, and the barrier that holds Hyrule City weakening, the time to act is running out. Though united in new ways, those who can save Hyrule remain scattered across the land. Melizea, Darte, & Sephiroth are making their way towards Zora's Domain on their new boat. Corsava has managed to escape from the Cursed Temple of her ancestors, though there's no telling where she'll end up next. And as for Kirran & Hal, their location would be predictable... if someone didn't use a glitched-out Dex to fold reality unto itself.

Now is the time to return. Now is the time to unite all of Hyrule, find the Master Sword, and vanquish the darkness that plagues the land!

Of course, it won't be that simple now, will it?

More info will be posted soon!

RE: 6-19-21: The Return - WindStrike - 09-21-2021

Spoils of war!

Death Knight Claymore
  • REQUIREMENTS: Two-Handed OR 30 Power
  • DESCRIPTION: A greatsword crafted by a legendary Death Knight. Its durability and strength rivals the Master Sword, and as a pure blade, it’s not one to be trifled with. Can Power Slash or Cleave a target.
    • Power Slash:
      • Roll your Power dice vs. targets' Courage dice
        • Damage: +20
    • Cleave:
      • Roll your Power -5 dice vs. targets' Courage dice
        • Damage: +20
        • EFFECT: If the target dies, cleave through them and hit another target at the same success rate, dealing half the damage.
Add Death Knight Claymore to your Weapons
Snouth Cannon
  • REQUIREMENTS: Two-Handed
  • DESCRIPTION: A big ol’ rubbery snouth cannon, ripped straight off the remains of an Octorok! This Magic-resistant cannon be held like a handcannon, letting you launch whatever projectile you want… or even an unlucky ally. Can Launch Projectile or Launch Ally at a target, even from outside of battle!
    • Launch Projectile:
      • Roll your Power +10 dice vs. targets’ stat that the projectile hits
        • Damage: Use the projectile’s Damage Modifier +5
        • EFFECT: Also applies the projectile’s EFFECTS
    • Launch Ally:
      • Roll your Power +10 dice vs. targets' Power dice
        • Damage: +5
        • NOTE: Ally must also defend against this attack’s roll to avoid impact damage.
Add Snouth Cannon to your Weapons
Bokospike Club
  • DESCRIPTION: A sturdy club lined with rather pointy steel spikes. It’s quite expertly crafted by Bokoblins, straddling a balance between being lightweight and making things bleed. Can be used to Whack! or Big Thwack! a target:
    • Courage: +3
    • Whack!
      • Roll your Courage +10 dice vs. targets' Courage dice
        • Damage: +0
        • EFFECT: If it hits, target gets Bleeding x5.
    • Big Thwack!
      • REQUIREMENTS: Two-Handed
      • CHARGE: 1 Action
        • Ready the weapon over your head with both hands, preparing to strike with all your might!
      • DESCRIPTION: Once charged, bring the club down on a target!
        • Roll your Courage + Power dice added together vs. targets’ Courage dice
          • Damage: +0
          • EFFECT: If it hits, target gets Bleeding x10.
Add Bokospike Club to your Weapons
Crossbow Pistol
  • DESCRIPTION: A smaller, one-handed variant of the Crossbow, with an intricate loading system that supports all of your Arrows & Bolts, and a sight on it that makes it easier to aim. Can Shoot a target, or use Aim to gain a dice bonus:
    • Shoot:
      • Roll your Courage dice +8 vs. targets’ stat that the arrow hits
        • Damage: Uses the arrow’s Damage Modifier +0
    • Aim:
      • EFFECT: Focus through the sights at your target, guaranteeing a better shot.
        • Your next shot from this Crossbow Pistol gains 8 Dice.
Add Crossbow Pistol to your Weapons
Icicle Spear
  • REQUIREMENTS: Water and Two-Handed
  • DESCRIPTION: A spear made entirely of enchanted ice, which somehow neither freezes you nor melts in your hands. Can be used to Swing and hit two targets, or be Thrown at a single target.
    • Defense Dice: +6
    • Swing:
      • Roll your Courage +12 dice vs. targets' Courage dice
        • Damage: +0
    • Thrown:
      • Roll your Courage +10 dice vs. targets' Courage dice
        • Damage: +5
        • EFFECT 1: If it hits, target loses 5 Courage.
        • EFFECT 2: Afterwards, the Icicle Spear is shattered.
          • It’ll automatically regenerate at the start of your turn next round, at which point you can choose to automatically equip it or not.
Add Icicle Spear to your Weapons
Executioner's Broadsword
  • DESCRIPTION: A broadsword crafted in ancient times for the Royal Guard of old, with emblems engraved into the blade that no one even recognizes. It feels light as a feather to wield, but its strikes have incredible force, with an edge that never dulls. Can use Dash Attack or Decapitate on a target.
    • Courage: +5
    • Dash Attack:
      • Roll your Courage +15 dice vs. targets' Courage dice
        • Damage: +0
        • EFFECT: If it hits, you can follow up with Cover or Reverse Cover on an ally.
    • Decapitate:
      • Roll your Courage -5 dice vs. targets' Power dice
        • Damage: +20
        • EFFECT: If it hits and kills the target, it lops off their head, preventing them from being revived for the remainder of the battle.
        • IF FAIL: Target can Counterattack you, regardless of CONDITIONS.
Add Executioner's Broadsword to your Weapons
Telekinesis Wand
  • DESCRIPTION: I’m assaulting you with the power of my mind! A new Wizzrobe Wand designed to throw things. Or people. Can Chuck Someone or Disarm Someone’s Arm.
    • Chuck Someone!
      • Roll your Wisdom +10 dice vs. targets' Power dice
        • Damage: None
        • EFFECT: If it succeeds, lift the target up and chuck them at another target with the same roll, adding dice equal to the difference from the first roll.
          • If it hits, both targets take Full Damage from it.
    • Disarm Someone’s Arm
      • Roll your Wisdom dice vs. targets' Power dice
        • Damage: None
        • EFFECT 1: If it hits, forcefully remove one Handheld Item from the target and chuck it on the floor for anyone to grab.
        • EFFECT 2: Additionally, if it hits, target becomes Disarmed:
          • One of the target’s arms (including the hand) becomes paralyzed. They are unable to use it for any means, even trying to consume a Consumable.
          • This can stack once more to disable both arms.
          • DURATION: 1 Round
Add Telekinesis Wand to your Weapons
Hyper Siphoning Wand
  • DESCRIPTION: Souls... give me your SOULS! A slightly unstable version of the Siphoning Wand that hits and siphons with a lot more gusto. Can hit a target with Siphoning Strike.
    • EFFECT: Once per round, at any time, you can transfer any amount of your Magic to any other target.
    • Siphoning Strike:
      • Roll your Wisdom +12 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
        • Damage: +0
        • EFFECT: If it hits, siphon Magic from the target to anyone else, up to an amount equal to the difference in successes.
Add Hyper Siphoning Wand to your Weapons
Dragon Bomb
  • Amount: 1
  • DESCRIPTION: The remains of a Dodongo after the air inside of it has exploded. The husk that remains has shriveled inwards to form a tight ball, one that's still quite combustive. If it hits something with enough of an impact, it'll explode big-time. Can be thrown at one target.
    • Throw:
      • Roll your Power +15 dice vs. targets' Power dice
        • Damage: +5
        • EFFECT: If it hits and deals at least 30 Damage in one hit (before Armor), the Dragon Bomb instead explodes, hitting everyone in the area.
        • IF FAIL: The Dragon Bomb is instead pocketed into the target’s inventory. Unexploded, of course.
    • Explosion:
      • Roll your Power +30 dice vs. targets' Power dice
        • Damage: +10
Add 1 Dragon Bomb to your Weapons
Hungry Bomb
  • Amount: 1
  • DESCRIPTION: A bomb with a mouth on it, lined with hundreds of spiky little teeth. Creepy. Try to get your hand bitten off when you throw it. Can be thrown at a single-target.
    • Roll your Power +10 dice vs. targets' Power dice
      • Damage: None
      • EFFECT 1: Its teeth sink into the target, causing it to lose Magic equal to the difference in successes.
      • EFFECT 2: The bomb then explodes point-blank, causing the target to take Damage equal to twice the Magic lost.
Add 1 Hungry Bomb to your Weapons
  • Amount: 1
  • DESCRIPTION: A devious little device that’ll seek in on a specific, programmed point, dealing critical damage! It’ll fly its way over, and blast them to smithereens! Unfortunately, it’s not infallible...
    • Roll your Wisdom +5 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
      • Damage: x2
      • EFFECT: If it hits, target starts smelling abnormally sweet:
        • Anyone attacking the target gains 3 Dice on their attack.
        • The sweet scent will be trackable by anyone with a keen nose.
      • IF FAIL: This little fella returns to your loving arms and promptly explodes, dealing 5 Neutral Damage to your face and giving yourself the above EFFECT.
Add 1 Bombchopter to your Weapons
Shadow Beast Faceplate
  • DESCRIPTION: A silver-plated shield, shrunken from the faceplate of a Shadow Beast. It’s incredibly durable, giving you a hefty defense bonus, though its handle is composed of some rather grabby black tendrils. Hope you don’t mind.
    • Defense Dice: +8
Add Shadow Beast Faceplate to your Shields
Darknut Shield
  • REQUIREMENTS: Two-Handed OR 30 Power
  • DESCRIPTION: A seemingly indestructible piece of metal from the front. Oddly, you can pierce it with a sword through the backside.
    • Defense Dice: +15 while Covering someone
      • Unless someone strikes you from behind or uses a move that Bypasses Cover. Good luck with that.
Add Darknut Shield to your Shields
Embellished Shield
  • DESCRIPTION: A round shield with an engraving of a Golden Lynel at its center and gold borders at its edges. An energy of sorts courses through it, almost as if it has its own soul. Can use the Focus ability.
    • Defense Dice: +5
    • Focus:
      • EFFECT: Gain 5 Defense Dice for one round. If you’re not attacked by your next turn, gain 10 Attack Dice for that turn.
Add Embellished Shield to your Shields
Soul Lantern v2
  • DESCRIPTION: An upgraded variant of the original Soul Lantern, this one possesses the ability to attract souls, either to be absorbed, or released into the night. How that last function works, you’re not entirely sure. When lit, it emits an ethereal flame with a greenish hue, allowing anyone to see the souls of everyone nearby, even without Spirit Vision. Can use Charge, Soul Defense, Attract Souls, Absorb Souls, and Release Souls.
    • Defense Dice: +5
    • Charge:
      • Whirl the Soul Lantern around, and let its flame guide you to strike a target!
      • Roll your Wisdom +15 dice vs. targets' Courage dice
        • Damage: +0
    • Soul Defense:
      • COSTS: 5 Wisdom
      • EFFECT: When defending, you can override your defending stat with Wisdom.
        • Note this is done after the cost.
    • Attract Souls:
      • COSTS: 5 Magic
      • EFFECT: All souls in the area that aren’t attached to a living being will gravitate towards your Soul Lantern.
        • After 1 Round, they’ll reach your Soul Lantern, at which a glass cage puts itself up and encases them within it.
    • Absorb Soul:
      • EFFECT: Absorb one of the contained souls you have, giving you a boost in stats, depending on the nature of the soul.
        • Warning, if you absorb a more dangerous soul, you’ll be required to roll against it, based on DM’s discretion. If you lose, the soul will take control over you for the remainder of the battle.
    • Release Souls:
      • DESCRIPTION: Supposedly, these can release souls into the night, but the process is unclear to you. It’ll require a Poe’s knowledge to figure this one out.
Add Soul Lantern v2 to your Shields
Spiked Dragonhide
  • DESCRIPTION: An enhanced Dragonhide Armor with spikes jutting out, striking back at melee attackers.
    • Courage: +5
    • Armor: +5
    • EFFECT: Anyone that strikes you in melee combat is automatically struck by the spikes, gaining Bleeding x5.
Add 1 Spiked Dragonhide to your Armors
Phoenix Wings of Retribution
    • If you don't have Fire Affinity, you'll suffer 3 Neutral Damage per round while wearing this.
  • DESCRIPTION: A suit of armor with a pair of armored, feathered wings attached. Although they're meant for attaching to Fokka wings, they act as wings on their own. They also blaze radiantly with the fires of a Phoenix... whatever that is in the Zelda Universe. Can use the Wing Shield ability.
    • Armor: +6
    • EFFECT 1: Anyone that engages you in melee combat (whether you attack or defend) is automatically burned by your wings' flames, taking 3 Neutral Damage.
    • EFFECT 2: Allows you to Glide in air, drastically slowing your descent.
      • Note, this isn't true flight, you cannot fly upwards.
    • Wing Shield:
      • COSTS: 6 Magic
      • DESCRIPTION: Fold your armored wings around yourself, protecting you from attacks on all fronts. However, it renders you unable to act.
        • EFFECT: Instead of rolling to defend, the respective stat you would defend with is converted to Armor for that attack (without adding Defense Dice).
        • DURATION: 1 Round, at which point your wings unfurl and automatically deal a minor shockwave of 3 Neutral Damage to all enemies
    • Divebomb:
      • REQUIREMENTS: Casting Wing Shield while Gliding
      • DESCRIPTION: As a result of folding your wings around yourself while Gliding, you rapidly sink to the ground, homing in on a target!
        • Roll your Courage +10 dice vs. targets' Courage dice
          • Damage: +0
            • The higher you fall from, the more damage this will deal
          • EFFECT: When you land, you take as much Damage as you deal. Afterwards, Wing Shield ends.
Add Phoenix Wings of Retribution to your Armors
Lynel Hide
  • DESCRIPTION: The fluffy, oversized hide of a Lynel, somewhat trimmed down into a Armor, though still overbearing. It still harbors the fierce Lynel spirit, giving it both protective properties and the ability to enter a lesser Fierce Combat.
    • Courage: -6
    • Hearts: +10/10
    • Armor: +5
    • Fierce Combat:
      • EFFECT: When you drop to 10 Hearts or less, this automatically triggers, giving you a substantial combat boost!
        • Any Negative Bonuses you have are removed, including the -6 Courage from this armor.
        • You can attack twice in a single turn.
        • However, you also cannot recover Hearts.
        • DURATION: For the remainder of the battle
Add Lynel Hide to your Armors
Phasic Robe
  • DESCRIPTION: An ethereal looking robe. At times, you feel like you can see through whoever is wearing this.
    • EFFECT: If you would get hit by an attack that would kill you, this robe temporarily phases you out, ignoring the attack and making you immune to all attacks.
      • DURATION: 1 Round
        • Afterwards, this robe solidifies is no longer able to phase for the remainder of the battle.
Add Phasic Robe to your Robes
Frost Scroll
  • Amount: 1
  • DESCRIPTION: An ice cold scroll imbued with intense, magical power. Somehow, despite being as hard as a brick of ice, it unravels just like paper.
    • It can teach you Frost Breath or Frost Shield.
  • Afterwards, it shatters into thousands of ice fragments and melts away.
Add 1 Frost Scroll to your Consumables
Royal Guard Scroll
  • Amount: 1
  • DESCRIPTION: A scroll bearing an older insignia of the Royal Family on it, though the scroll is so old that you can barely make out the writing, which is in Ancient Hylian.
    • It can teach you the Greater Bash, Observe, or Purge skills.
  • Afterwards, you’re bestowed with a memory from an ancient time, and the scroll turns to dust.
Add 1 Royal Guard Scroll to your Consumables
Omniscient Scroll
  • Amount: 1
  • DESCRIPTION: A scroll made of a blinding Light, yet somehow, you can physically hold it. If you squint hard enough, you can barely make out the letters, just enough to learn a spell.
    • It can teach you Piercing Blade of Light or Radiant Shield.
  • Afterwards, it flashes and blinks out of existence at the speed of Light.
Add 1 Omniscient Scroll to your Consumables
Lava Seed
  • Amount: 1
  • DESCRIPTION: A flame-shaped seed with a clove of flaming fire petals surrounding it. Eating it might not be the best idea, but it can be eaten to gain various effects, depending on whether you're in battle or not. Who knows, maybe you can even plant it somewhere? It can also be Hurled at a target to melt through them.
    • Out-of-Battle:
      • DESCRIPTION: Your hair turns to a glowing goop, allowing you to swim in Lava temporarily. Somehow, it doesn’t hurt you, and your hair reverts to normal afterwards.
        • DURATION: Until you leave the current area or room.
    • In-Battle:
      • COSTS: 6 Hearts
      • DESCRIPTION: It burns to eat it, but your single-target attack causes flames to burst from the target’s Armor.
        • EFFECT 1: All of your attacks apply Burned:
          • Every time the target attacks or defends, they take 1 Neutral Damage.
        • EFFECT 2: Your attacks reduce Armor by 2.
    • Hurl:
      • Roll your Power +10 dice vs. targets' Courage dice
        • Neutral Damage: 5
        • EFFECT: If it hits, target loses 5 Armor
Add 1 Lava Seed to your Consumables
Chaos Bacon
  • Amount: 1
  • DESCRIPTION: A big hunk of charred meat, ripped from the husk of a Chaos Boar. Though grotesque and horrid looking, it smells like perfectly cooked bacon, with an intense, meaty smell, and coated in a caramelized glaze. Chaos Bacon is absolutely irresistible to any beast.
    • EFFECT: Throw it somewhere to automatically lure all nearby beasts to feast on it.
      • Other beings might be allured, but there's no guarantee.
Add 1 Chaos Bacon to your Consumables
Vial of Dragon Ink
  • Amount: 1
  • DESCRIPTION: A dragonhide-vial formed from the remains of a dragon, containing a true black ink, the likes of which can only come from a dragon's heart. You can feel the ink within the vial pulse with your own heartbeat. Anything written with or stained by this ink is permanent, and can only be removed by being seared off in the molten lavas of Death Mountain.
    • EFFECT: If you mark a target with this ink, you'll feel the target's heartbeat when they're nearby, and that ink becomes incapable of going invisible or being Camouflaged.
Add 1 Vial of Dragon Ink to your Misc
Plasma Goop
  • Amount: 1
  • WARNING: Do not ingest Plasma Goop. Drinking lava would be safer than a swig of Plasma.
  • DESCRIPTION: A once blazing Lava Wisp, now reduced to a hotter-than-the-sun goop of plasma, and somehow magically contained within a bottle. They can be used as an incredible power source.
    • EFFECT: Pour this onto something to hypercharge it. Make sure it’s not living first, or else uhh… bad ideas may occur.
Add 1 Plasma Goop to your Misc
  • Amount: 1
  • DESCRIPTION: A tiny Shadow Kargarok, no larger than a standard bird, that helps you attack and defend, and can even sacrifice itself for your cause. Once you feed it a corpse, it’ll fly by your side, giving you some bonuses:
    • Attack Dice & Defense Dice: +3
    • EFFECT: The Wyrmling can sacrifice itself to protect you from an attack, leaving you unharmed.
      • It can protect you from attacks that hit multiple targets, but just you, it doesn’t magically block the entire attack.
    • DURATION: For the remainder of the battle, after which the Wyrmling devours itself in confusion.
Add 1 Wyrmling to your Misc
Mini Patra Shield
  • Amount: 1
  • DESCRIPTION: Summons a temporary shield of Patra Flies, which fly around you, tightening their formation to protect you from ranged attacks. However, without a central Patra fly to maintain them, they’ll die out after blocking a few attacks.
    • Defense Dice: +6
    • EFFECT: You are immune to Ranged Attacks.
      • It can protect you from attacks that hit multiple targets, but just you, it doesn’t magically block the entire attack.
    • DURATION: 3 Rounds, after which they die out
Add 1 Mini Patra Shield to your Misc
Permafrost Shard
  • Amount: 1
  • DESCRIPTION: King Freezard is the origin of all Freezards & Chilfos, and at its very core is a shard of ice so cold, nothing can destroy it because anything that would touch it would instantly freeze. While in your inventory, it's mostly harmless, but if you pull it back out, it'll start to freeze everything around it, eventually forming back into King Freezard. If it gets a chance to consume a corpse, its freeze rate will expand rapidly.
Add 1 Permafrost Shard to your Misc

RE: 6-19-21: The Return - WindStrike - 09-21-2021

Spells/Skills from Scrolls

Greater Bash
Learned from Royal Guard Scroll.
  • REQUIREMENTS: A Shield equipped
  • DESCRIPTION: Use the full weight of your whole body and charge someone with your shield, head-on!
    • Roll your Power +4 dice vs. targets' Power dice
      • Damage: +4
      • EFFECT: If it hits, target loses 4 Wisdom.
Add Greater Bash to your Active Skills
Learned from Royal Guard Scroll.
  • DESCRIPTION: Observe the target’s every movements, their breathing, their very soul. Find their weakness, and set up for your next strike!
    • EFFECT: Bonus Attack Dice & Defense Dice are disabled for both the attacker and defender in this attack.
    • Roll your Wisdom +5 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
      • Damage: None
      • EFFECT: If it’s successful, your next attack or counterattack ignores the target’s Defense Dice & Armor.
Add Observe to your Active Skills
Learned from Royal Guard Scroll.
  • REQUIREMENTS: A melee weapon and a shield equipped
  • COSTS: A Support Action off your next turn
  • DESCRIPTION: Clang your melee weapon against your shield, sending a pulse of gold energy reverberating throughout your body! This can be activated at any time for No Action Cost.
    • EFFECT: Remove any Named Effect or Negative Bonus from yourself.
Add Purge to your Active Skills
Frost Breath
Learned from Frost Scroll.
  • COSTS: 10 Magic
  • DESCRIPTION: Concentrate your Magic to nearly freeze the air in your body, then expel it into a frosty breath that hits all enemies!
    • Roll your Wisdom +10 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
      • Damage: Halved
      • EFFECT: Target(s) hit lose 5 Attack Dice.
Add Frost Breath to your Offensive Spells
Piercing Blade of Light
  • NOTE: Although this has global range, if you can’t clearly see your target, it might not hit your intended target.
  • COSTS: 20 Magic
  • DESCRIPTION: A blade made physically out of Light. Simply manifesting it defies the laws of physics, threatening to explode in your grip. However, when you throw it, it fires in a straight line, no matter the distance! If you wanted, you could even throw it at the moon. Can be thrown at one target.
    • Roll your Courage +40 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
      • Damage: +5
      • EFFECT: If it hits, target gets Blinded:
        • When target does any action that does not target themselves, they roll $1d3. If it is a 1, they automatically miss.
Add Piercing Blade of Light to your Offensive Spells
Frost Shield
Learned from Frost Scroll.
  • COSTS: 6 Magic
  • DESCRIPTION: Forms a frosty shield around a target, protecting them from the next attack they receive.
    • Armor: +4
    • EFFECT: The next attack they’re hit by causes the attacker to lose 4 Attack Dice.
    • DURATION: This breaks after the target is hit by an attack
Add Frost Shield to your Support Spells
Radiant Shield
  • NOTE: Although this has global range, if you can’t clearly see your target, it might not hit your intended target.
  • COSTS: 15 Magic
  • DESCRIPTION: Fire a beam of Light from afar with global range, and when it strikes the target, it reacts with their Magic and disperses around them into a Warp Shield. If this is used on an ally, it counts as a Support Action.
    • Roll your Wisdom +30 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
      • Damage: None
      • EFFECT 1: Target recovers 10 Magic.
      • EFFECT 2: Additionally, if it hits, target gets Warp Shield:
        • Any damage the target takes will instead drain it from their Magic.
        • As long as the Warp Shield is active, target’s Armor has no impact on damage taken.
        • DURATION: Until the target’s Magic drops to 0
Add Radiant Shield to your Support Spells