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Out-Of-Context ZURPG - Forgotten Third Eye - 12-05-2019

(Wasn't sure if I should put this in the Quests subforum or here, so it's going here for now.)

Welcome to the thread where people sometimes say things that can be taken completely out of context for some reason. Here, we witness the fine specimens of Hyrule our adventurers causing verbal shenanigans that may make even Kefka look sane.

For the occasion, I'll start with something that happened relatively recently as of the time this post (Dec. 5th) was written.

... Strife?

Feel free to post any out-of-context scenarios you may have. In fact, I encourage you to, because I don't have more, and I don't have logs for half of the nonsense that occurs. I blame WindStrike for this.

RE: Out-Of-Context ZURPG - Orithan - 07-03-2020

When things don't come across the way they should...

RE: Out-Of-Context ZURPG - Forgotten Third Eye - 07-21-2020

Darte does it yet again (featuring disguises)