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Journey through ZURPG's Logs - WindStrike - 09-16-2019

A collection of all the logs of each quest we have. I'll be gradually updating this over time.

2013 Aug, Kicked out the window
2013 Sep, Rayne's Present
2013 Sep, Dampe's Grave
2013 Sep, Let there be Light
2013 Sep, To Saria Town
2013 Oct, The Substance of Sacrilege
2013 Oct, Improv Dungeon
2013 Oct, In Search of a Rare Alchemy Ingredient
2013 Nov, Improv Dungeon
2013 Nov, Govanaus and the Forbidden Sword
2013 Nov, In the Frozen Mind's Eye
2013 Nov, Ice Dungeon
2014 Jan, Prelude Splitoff
2014 Jan, Escort to Gerudo Valley
2014 Jan, The Sheikah Trials
2014 Feb, The Final Shard
2014 Feb, To Bomb a Clock Town
2014 Jun, Corruption
2014 Jul, Along the Wayward Shore
2014 Aug, In the Deep Depths of the Light
2015 Nov, Ordeal in Ordon
2016 Dec, Bob Goes on An Advencha
2017 Jun, Shadow of the Darkness
2017 Oct, Nayru United
2017 Nov, Twilight Abyss
2019 Sep, One With Shadows
2019 Sep, Darkness Incarnate

RE: Journey through ZURPG's Logs - WindStrike - 08-19-2021

A list of tweaks and retcons I'll be applying to a larger log clean-up in the future. I'll keep the online logs unedited as they are; these'll be for a .zip package I'll be dropping on the Discord later. I'm noting this here so that we have a "logs changelog", so to speak.

Log Changelog
  • If there's a split like Session 3.1 and Session 3.2, and they were different sessions, it's now Session 3 and Session 4.
  • However, if it's a split and they actually belong to the same session, they'll be merged into a single session.
  • Gustaf used to be named Eldin. He's now been normalized to Gustaf, which is especially relevant when taking into account Eldin, Spirit of Light down-the-road.
  • Cleaned up a confusing $removeme mishap in The Final Shard, Session 4.
  • NPCs should say "Oh my Goddess" or "By the Goddesses", not "Oh my God". Unless they're a Twili.