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A (Minor) Update - Sephiroth - 08-21-2018

So I'm a lazy webmaster at times. I announced this in the Discord section when I performed this update to the site, but on the 7th of August I made a rather minor global change to the VPS this site operates on. This site fully supports IPv6 now. What is IPv6 you might ask? IPv6 is an upgrade to IPv4 and these are protocols that provide identification and location information for computers on networks, and allows traffic to be properly routed to their destinations. You can view a lot more in-depth detail on IPv6 on the wikipedia page on the protocol.

In layman's terms, I've added IPv6 support to the site, if your ISP supports it fully, you're good to go. Regardless, the IPv4 support the site has will continue to work. This is all very technical behind-the-scenes stuff, as seen in the aforementioned Wikipedia article. The modern web is moving towards supporting IPv6, and IPv6 and IPv4 are not designed to be interoperable. Users on strictly IPv6 networks can now utilize the site, and users on strictly IPv4 networks will remain unaffected as IPv4 will not be going anywhere on this site.

In other words, site is more accessible and no real drawbacks.