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8/29/18: Battle over the Domain - Orithan - 07-26-2018

Going off the heels of the destruction of the Battle Tank and the explosion it created, the Moblin of Spryte Woods launched a major offense against the Keaton to capitalize on the lowered morale the soldiers experienced. While the offense put a significant dent into the army, the Keaton army still stood strong and pushed them back.
Soon after the moblin offense had been defeated, the Keaton Army launched another offense of their own. This time, the target is Zora's Domain. Taking the mouth of Zora's River, they are set to march up the river and take the fight to the Zora. Now isolated and without Ruto or half the Royal Guards in the domain to defend, the Zoras have asked for support from those currently in the domain.
The players, having been summoned into the domain by King Zora De Bon XVI to do a favor for him, find themselves inside the domain as it is being attacked. It is your task to aid the Zoras defend Zora's Domain
Good luck!
This is a veteran quest, designed for veteran characters. New characters can join, but they may very well find themselves outgunned by their allies and their enemies.

Starting equipment
The party gets the following
  • One Ten-Sided Coin
    • This is the only Ten-Sided Coin you will get for the quest. Use it with care!
    • Oh, and fair warning on this one; Flip it at your own risk. If you die or screw everything up as a result, don’t complain to me about it. They are here in case you want to tempt fate to make things more interesting for both the players and DM...

Each player gets the following:
  • Red Medicine
  • Chateu Romani
  • Air Potion x2

New characters get the following, on addition to the above, to help them keep up with the stronger players:
  • One Augment Scroll or two Force Gems
  • Pick one of the following:
    • Spell Scroll x2
    • Skill Scroll x2
    • Spell Scroll & Skill Scroll
  • Full Rejuvenation Potion
However, only one new player can receive this bonus. Said character is also expected to follow through with the quest.
Rewards are TBD.

This quest will likely span 4-5 sessions, potentially even more.
Quest Ruleset
  • Player Permadeath is turned OFF. Fallen player characters will revive to 1 Heart at the end of a battle if you survive and can retrieve them. If you can’t retrieve their bodies and pull them to safety or you meet a party wipe, they will respawn… where you first started the quest at 3 Hearts and 3 Magic. If you happen to meet a party wipe, expect your current mission to fail before you respawn, so let’s not die guys.
  • Mercy is allowed. If you would otherwise kill a target with an attack, you can optionally leave them at 1 Heart, but Incapacitated. An Incapacitated target has any Regen they have shut off and can’t use Actions for a while or until they recover to more than 1 Heart.
  • Party Splits are permitted. Up to one party split is allowed per active quest. Attempt any more and well I might just remove the people causing them until everyone rejoins the main party.
  • Changing Sides is permitted. If you somehow want to defect, you may switch to their side and fight the other players. Don’t abuse this though, as nobody may trust you otherwise.
  • Only One Character Per Player is allowed for this quest. This is to prevent players from taking up multiple slots in the roster.
In order to join the quest, post in this thread. A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 players may participate in the quest.

List of Players
  • Empty
  • Empty
  • Empty
  • Empty
Any number of players can participate in this quest, but I highly recommend having two or more active at once. I will be doing solo sessions for certain players should they miss sessions or such.

Chapter 1 - Attack on the Domain!
Chapter 2 - Inside Jabu-Jabu's Dream

RE: 8/22/18: Battle over the Domain - Orithan - 08-29-2018

This is the Zora Shop and drops. This shop, available anytime you are in the domain, sells goods you will have a hard time finding anywhere else.

Consumables (4)
Any drops which are listed here that are not claimed by the end of the quest will be placed into the Donation Pool in the Global Shop
Techno Edge
  • SELL VALUE: 200 Rupees
  • COSTS: 3 Hearts for each swing due to electrocution
    • If you have at least 20 Base Power, this is decreased to 1 Heart
  • DESCRIPTION: A large single-edged sword with what appears to be a high electrical current coursing through the blade thanks to the electrifing properties of Chuchu Gel. A new invention of the Keaton Army, it has yet to be refined. As it is now, it is impossible to swing it without zapping yourself a little. It can Slash, Thrust one target or perform the Surge ability.
    • Slash:
      • EFFECT: Ignores half of targets' Defense Dice Bonuses
      • Roll your Courage +12 dice vs. targets' Courage dice
        • Damage: Halved
    • Thrust:
      • EFFECT: Ignores half of targets' Defense Dice Bonuses
      • Roll your Courage dice vs. targets' Courage dice
        • Damage: +0
        • EFFECT: If it hits, target drops anything they were holding in their hands, including handheld equipment.
          • They can be picked up via support action.
        • IF FAIL: Target gets to counterattack, regardless of the difference in successes.
    • Surge:
      • DESCRIPTION: Overcharge the Chuchu gel on the edge, producing a much stronger current at the expense of exhausting it afterwards.
        • EFFECT: Next time you attack using the edge, the following occurs on top of the sword's usual effects.
          • The attack gains 5 Dice.
          • If the attack hits, target loses 4 Defense Dice.
          • If it misses, the force of the current backlashes into you and hits you instead. Roll Power against the initial successes to defend.
          • Afterwards, the gel on the sword becomes inactive and its EFFECTS no longer occur. This lasts for the remainder of the battle.
Add Techno Edge to your weapons
Ice Rod
  • INFORMATION: This item is an Artifact.
  • DESCRIPTION: A shiny silver-white wand with a large gem that resembles a large crystal of ice set on the tip, brimming with powerful Ice energy. It can fire a gale of of Ice at a target.
    • Gale of Ice:
      • COST: 5 Magic
        • If you have the Water affinity, you spend only 3 Magic instead.
      • DESCRIPTION: Fire a large gale of Ice at a target, freezing their offenses.
        • Roll your Wisdom +15 dice vs. targets' Wisdom dice
        • Damage: Halved
        • EFFECT 1: Target loses 3 Attack Dice & 5 Courage
        • EFFECT 2: This causes any Water and Water-affinity enemies to freeze around where the gale struck.
          • They also get Delayed:
            • Target’s next attack is delayed by 2 Turns, which then removes Delayed.
Add Ice Rod to your weapons
Onyxscale Wrap
  • INFORMATION: This is a Mythical Artifact
    • If you lose the Shadow affinity at any time, the armor implodes on itself, disabling it for the remainder of the battle.
  • DESCRIPTION: An armor-like veil which wraps around the wearer like the wrappings of a Gidbo. It emits a very distinct and putrid aura of death and destruction, which more or less plunges the wearer into a zombie-like state. It provides no protection against attack and it turns recovery abilities against the wearer, but in exchange it nearly guarantees that you do not die from usual attacks.
    • Hearts: +5/5
    • Magic: +10/10
    • EFFECT: Grants you a perpetual Undead effect:
      • You do not die if you reach 0 Hearts and you are treated as undead as far as EFFECTS go. However, if you have 1 Heart left, any damage they would take instead drains their Magic. If you reach 0 Hearts and 0 Magic, you die.
      • If it is removed by any means, it refreshes at the start of the next round.
Add Onyxscale Wrap to your Armors
Moondust Armoire
  • INFORMATION: This item is a Mythical Artifact.
  • REQUIREMENTS: Only Luna Chantra can wear this armor.
  • DESCRIPTION: A highly iridescent armor coated in moondust paint flashing in all colours as the wearer walks. As the wearer defends, it flashes based on what affinity is used to defend against it. It however provides modest protection from attack, but it grants the user the ability to Empower Defense as they are being attacked.
    • Armor: +6.
    • EFFECT: At the start of the battle, grants two of the following Affinities: Water, Fire, Nature, Light, Shadow.
    • Empower Defense:
      • COSTS: An Affinity.
        • Any spent affinities return to you after the end of your next turn.
      • EFFECT: The following happens on your defense, based on which affinity you spent:
        • Water: Negate an EFFECT attacker has on their attack.
        • Fire: Attacker takes 5 Neutral Damage.
        • Nature: You gain 10 Armor.
        • Light: Roll $1d3. If the result is a 1, the attacker's attack automatically misses.
        • Shadow: Attacker rolls twice and is forced to take the lower roll. Further rerolls do not affect this.
        • Spirit: If you successfully defend, you get an automatic counterattack regardless of difference in successes.
Luna Deliverance
Add Moondust Armoire to your Armors
Nayru's Wisdom Robes
  • INFORMATION: This item is an Artifact
  • DESCRIPTION: A large set of robes decorated with radiant blue crystals which protect the wearer, appearing ordinary at first glance. Unlike other robes, it has a variable Augmented Cost and can cast Nayru's Wisdom as a reaction.
    • Standard Protection:
      • Armor: +2
    • Augmented Protection:
      • COSTS: Any amount of Magic
      • You gain Armor equal to the amount of Magic spent +2
      • Any damaging attacks hitting you which do 0 damage after Armor lose any EFFECTS they would cause.
      • DURATION: Remainder of the round.
    • Nayru's Wisdom:
      • RESTRICTIONS: It can only be cast once per round.
      • COSTS: 4 Magic
      • DESCRIPTION: Nayru provides divine knowledge protection, only if you worship her. The crystals on this robe start gleaming, to either protect or empower the wearer's magical power.
        • EFFECT: Select one of the following:
          • Gain 5 Wisdom OR
          • Override your defensive roll with Wisdom.
Add this to your Robes
Agahnim's Grimore
  • INFORMATION: This is an Artifact.
  • REQUIREMENTS: Two-Handed
  • DESCRIPTION: The spellbook once used by the late Agahnim, Agahnim's Grimore is a large spellbook decorated with many gemstones reeking in decrypt artes and madness which can be seen etched onto every page. Within its pages lies great secrets for increasing the efficency of your Magic; provided you can read past all the nonsense Agahnim wrote.
    • Magic Costs: -3 (down to a minimum of 1 Magic).
Add this to your Tools
Peril Ring
  • INFORMATION: This is a Passive Artifact. Having it in your inventory is enough for its effects.
  • DESCRIPTION: A small crimson red ring with a sign bearing a pulsing black exclamation mark on it. It provides a small boost to the wearer's health and protects them from a lethal attack.
    • Hearts: +5/5
    • EFFECT: Once per battle, if you would be killed by an attack, you hang on with 1 Heart
Add this to your Misc.

RE: 8/22/18: Battle over the Domain - Orithan - 08-29-2018

Lance Shiiran

Zora Warrior
Zora Fighter
Zora Guard
Zora Steambolt

RE: 8/29/18: Battle over the Domain - Orithan - 10-20-2018

Mad Walker

RE: 8/29/18: Battle over the Domain - Orithan - 11-17-2018

Volvagia, Subterranean Lava Dragon

Bandit King Thoughter
General Nova
Keaton Vanguard, Blaine
Keaton Vanguard, Terra
Keaton Vanguard, Squall
Keaton Vanguard, Ebott
Salvadaman Sage
Salvadaman Sentinel

RE: 8/29/18: Battle over the Domain - Orithan - 05-05-2020

Better late than never. Finally the rewards for Battle over the Domain are ready to be picked up.

For your hard effort in protecting Zora's Domain from Thoughter's Army, the Zora tribe wishes you to present the following:

To all players involved
5,000 Rupees

Between the party:
Golden Scale
Siegefin Balista
Ascended Spell Scroll x1
Lost Skill Scroll x1
Force Gem x3
Augment Scroll x3

These items, with the exceptions of the Golden Scale and Siegefin Balista, can be picked up directly from the Global Shop here
Item Drops
Darte Fellshard, Melizea Fiametta and Sephiroth are all eligible to pick these rewards up