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List of recent site bugs - WindStrike - 07-23-2018

There's been a number of bugs accumulating on the site over the last few months, figured I'd compile them in one spot for Sephiroth to tackle sometime when he's able.
  • When you're in 'Quick Edit' and you confirm changes, all the tabs on the page break. It's fixed simply by refreshing, though slightly annoying.
  • When you're in 'Quick Edit' and you cancel changes, clicking on spoilers and tabs doesn't activate them. Likewise, it's fixed simply by refreshing, though slightly annoying.
  • Code blocks no longer have a "Copy All" button.
  • Could you add ' to the white list for boxes, spoilers, and tabs? I know it looks like the standard apostrophe, but it's slightly different from ' (the Google Docs one is just slightly longer), and it's the one Google Docs uses by default, and since that's what we use as a backup to the Compendium, it's a slight annoyance to have to copy+pasta this site's apostrophe over to Google Docs just to use it, lol.

If anyone else finds more, plop 'em here.

EDIT: I tried to move some profiles to the archives (from players that have been inactive and likely not coming back), so I selected some threads, went to Inline Thread Moderation, then selected "Move Threads", and hit "Go". However, the next page gave me this:
  • Sorry, but you did not select any threads to perform inline moderation on, or your previous moderation session has expired (Automatically after 1 hour of inactivity). Please select some threads and try again.

RE: List of recent site bugs - Sephiroth - 08-21-2018

Points 1 & 2: Due to how the JS works, instead of manually updating/editing that, I have left most (if not all) of the standard MyBB JS untouched, this is a quirk we will just have to deal with. Point 3: Fixed, one of the MyBB updates modified the way code tags worked, code tags are now (partially) templated, instead of being hardcoded in the PHP Source itself, so now I don't have to worry about manually adding that in for future site updates. Point 4: Sorry, but I'm just not seeing any difference between the two. Google Docs uses WYSIWYG style editing, whereas this site is full-on plaintext. There will be style differences between the two. I think, if you right-click our text boxes, you can choose to paste as plain text, that should paste a standard apostrophe instead of whatever fancy-smancy stuff Google uses... Still trying to figure out the cause of the inline moderation bugs.. Guessing some other templates have changed...

Edit: Fixed Inline Moderation. Turns out there was a variable that needed to be set in the Javascript on a global level (headerinclude) .. that I just never added in as a result of security updates for MyBB. ... That's been fixed.