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Hyrule - Lake Hylia - WindStrike - 12-04-2012

Southwest of Hyrule Field is a small fortification that serves as the entrance to Lake Hylia. The gate is always open during the day with a handful of guards monitoring the traffic going in and out. A staircase leads up from the gate to its wall, one of the only two entrances into Moblin Forest.

Lake Hylia spans a mile in diameter, with a small island in the center of it that serves as the entrance to the Water Temple. According to Dr. Mizumi, it is a place feared by the boy in green that had saved Hyrule. As a result, practically no one goes there, even though it's deserted asides from a few Tektites. Long bridges connect the small island to the lake's coast; one next to the Fishing Pond and the one next to Dr. Mizumi's laboratory, a place that serves as his residence. No one know what he actually does there. He claims that he "studies the lake", though honestly, there isn't much to study.

With the dimensional entrance to Zora's Domain reopened, a good number of Zoras spend their time swimming through Lake Hylia. They also helped the doctor set up a small farm on the coast, which turned out to be a good use of its fertile soil. A certain scarecrow claims to be guarding it. He can't actually move, but he can shriek quite loudly when he sees someone stealing from the farm, which works well enough to bring in a few Zoras and other guards to apprehend any thieves. Unfortunately, the Guay flocks manage to steal a few bits of the food grown from time to time.

At Lake Hylia is probably the most popular location in Hyrule next to the Hyrule Castle Town Market. Run by a single man that has an obsession with hats, the Fishing Pool brings in hundreds of customers. At one point, the man ran out of fish and grew so desperate that he tried hunting a Zora with his fishing rod, but he was forgiven when he failed miserably. As for the fish have come from since, he claims to have struck a deal with Lord Jabu Jabu, but the giant fish denies any kind of deal.

To date, the largest fish caught weighs 56 pounds. Unofficially, the largest fish caught weighs several tons when Darunia got drunk and caught Lord Jabu Jabu at Zora's Lake. Thankfully, he knew what he was catching and decided not to eat the poor fish.